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Please be aware of this EA. I lost 50% of my account and after publicly questioning the vendor's account ( In a very polite way..vendor just blocked me. His website is www.forex21.com

PowerFlow ( Forex 21 )


I lost more than 50% of my account due a scam that was advertised via this EA. This EA has a diffrent test result and data than the real account. After losing my money, I tried to contact vendor and ask for an explanation, but there was no reply so I went to myfxbook and asked my questions. Alex from pwer flow didnt like that I have mentioned my problem on a public page so he decided to block me and remove me from his problem list. This EA has no stop in ordering lots and my account that was set to open only 0.2 lots end up to open 132 lots!!! :mad:

It is very risky and opens tardes against the trend all the time. I really want people be aware of this EA and Forex21 ( Powerflow) . I have all the verified adata and conversationes with this provider.

Thanks FPA
The website shows a 10 day warranty. If they won't honor it, don't wait. Complain directly to the payments processor - mycommerce.com
95% systems are scams. Before entering a deal with it triple check their results for consistency as well as scam reports around the net.
No losing month since 2013 - Fully verified Stats - Must be a Scam, Yeah Sure!

Dear bundesrepublik,

You write that you lost 50% of your account because of our PowerFlow Expert Advisor.Although you claimed earlier that the EA blowed up your account (which is in my understanding a loss of 100%) and the day after you wrote about 75%, I am happy that the loss decreased over time. Fact is that you didn’t lose any money because of the EA, because of me or because of anybody else at Forex21. You lost money because the basket was not closed when it had to be closed.


• Your terminal was not connected to the trading server when the basket was to close.
• Live trading was disabled.
• Closing action was ignored by your broker.

You also write that you asked in a very polite way questions about what happened on your account.

First of all I would like to mention that we do have a very different understanding of “polite”. Instead of contacting our support or ask on a public forum to help you to analyze what happened you started to accuse me, my Team and the Expert Advisor. We answered all your questions patiently, explained you what happened and offered you additional help.

As you wrote earlier that you lost 120 000 from your live trading account I was very surprised that you showed zero interest to find out why the basket was not closed correct. All offers from our side to get in touch with us let us help you to analyze log files and journals where ignored by you. Instead you kept accusing us, though it was already crystal clear that the problem was not connected with the Expert Advisor.

You write that you lost money because our system is a scam.

PowerFlow EA is one of a very few Expert Advisors with a fully verified live trading record back to 2013. It can withstand even large directional moves and the built in max DD feature allows every user to specify his personal max risk.


PowerFlow EA (2nd acc) - www.forex21.com System by Forex21 | Myfxbook


PowerFlow EA - FinFx - www.forex21.com System by Forex21 | Myfxbook


PowerFlow EA (3rd acc) - www.forex21.com System by Forex21 | Myfxbook

However, if you truly believe that you lost 120 000 because the EA is a scam, than I would recommend that you take legal action. After all it looks like we are both from Germany and as you have all verified data and can proof everything, I am certain that you will succeed. Only keep in mind that telling ‘tales’ may work in online forums where you can hide behind an anonym user name but not in front of the court.

If you wish us to help, stick to the facts and contact our support.

Losing some money is always bad and as I trade Forex since a very long time I fully understand that it can lead to emotional eruption. As offered many times before, if you wish you can contact our support desk at any time. We will be happy to help you analyzing logs, journals and other data to find out why the basket was not closed when it had to be.

Contact Page: Contact Us - Forex21
E-mail: support [at] forex21 [dot] com
Skype: forex21

Best Regards,