Press releases from The Trading Pit, prop trading firm - 2022

Our excitement is through the roof having been awarded the "Best New Futures Prop Firm, Germany 2022" prize from Global Brands Magazine.


GBM evaluated more than 18,000 companies and recognized leading industry players during its 10th edition.

This branding magazine is fuelled by highly skilled authors and columnists who offer strategic insights about corporate identities, branding strategies, and brand development.

We're proud to offer our clients and partners high-quality proprietary trading services with a fresh perspective on global markets. Winning is the ultimate reward for each of us at the Pit, and this is only the beginning!
Liechtenstein, Germany., December 8, 2022

We are excited to announce the appointment of Daniela Egli, an experienced former Managing Director, and Group COO, for the CEO position of The Trading Pit offices in Cyprus.


Daniela Egli will focus on the operations of The Trading Pit and push ahead their ambitious expansion strategy to higher lengths. Ms. Daniela's experience will be crucial for the firm’s model and mission to set a new standard in prop trading and investing.

Before joining The Trading Pit, Daniela has extensive experience and background in the financial sector, having managed numerous senior roles in her career. With more than a decade of experience in Business Management, Executive Management, and Compliance. She is also a CySEC-certified AML expert and a CISI-certified specialist in risk. She has previously worked in leading institutions such as Skilling, Blackwell Global, MeritKapital, and Fxview, making her highly agile, skilled, and adaptable to her line of work.

Daniela Egli, CEO of THE TRADING PIT Cyprus, comments:

"I am incredibly excited to join The Trading Pit in their journey through disrupting the industry. Arriving from a similar sector, I understand the difficulties that follow with the ambition to set a new standard for the prop trading industry. Throughout my career, I've noticed that many talented traders need access to a trading environment where they can truly shine and benefit from their skills. At The Trading Pit, we have all the tools necessary to support our traders in becoming better and being part of a community where mutual benefit truly aligns. I look forward to providing my experience and foresight to enhance The Trading Pit's operations most beneficially for all our traders and partners."

Thomas Heyden, CEO of The Trading Pit Liechtenstein, said:

"We feel privileged to have Daniela join The Trading Pit and bring her extensive expertise to our prop trading firm. We are confident in The Trading Pit’s ambition to provide the ultimate global trading environment for talented traders to enhance their skills and eventually become professional fund managers. Our vision aligns with Daniela's in providing a global prop trading solution in a secure and transparent environment where there are no conflicts of interest, and traders can excel! We look forward to working with Daniela and making a difference for global traders seeking to become financially successful."

About The Trading Pit

The Trading Pit is a global prop trading firm that aims to set a new standard in prop trading and investing.

The Trading Pit supports its partners and traders by providing a cutting-edge infrastructure with an actual partnership model. The Trading Pit helps traders reach their potential at the top and attain an official certification, become fund managers, and even own their hedge funds.

We equip our traders with superior technology and the knowledge necessary to become successful partners and potentially earn up to 70% of the profits.
The World Business Outlook Awards has selected us as the winner of the "Best Cutting Edge Prop Trading Technology Liechtenstein 2022.” Winners are picked following a thorough review by the WBO team based on the integrity of the application and the current accomplishments of the applicants.


WBO is a Singapore-based global media publication covering analysis of the financial industry, global economics, businesses, trends, and international trade since 2020. It offers tools for improving business by connecting industry pioneers, business magnates, commerce, and society worldwide.

A global network of over 20 industry-leading brokers and up to 30 major trading platforms and service providers will be featuring The Trading Pit’s prop trading ecosystem enabling global access to all asset classes, including Forex, Futures, Stocks, ETFs, Options, and Cryptos within the next 24 months.

Having received this award is a confirmation of The Trading Pit’s commitment to providing partners and the global markets with trading excellence, fintech innovation, and high-quality proprietary trading services and conditions. It is clear that we are doing something right since we have already won numerous awards and it is no doubt that TTP’s phenomenal growth will continue for years to come.

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Economists foresee a recession in Europe approaching. Rising inflation will likely continue into 2023 due to the strong dependence on gas and oil imports and a decrease in global trade that could impact consumer confidence.


This situation could be positive news for the financial markets, as trading opportunities could arise in multiple avenues. One of these opportunities is proprietary trading, a popular choice for traders who wish to take advantage of the financial markets.

That’s why at the Trading pit, there’s the promise to provide the ultimate global trading environment for traders to enhance their skills and progress financially, even at harsh economic times. TTP offers a solution for all types of traders by providing cutting-edge tools and the necessary knowledge to ensure long-term success.

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It is always a good sign when our clients succeed because they are our success!


Our live trading partner, Wolfgang, visited our co-founder, Christoph Radecker, at his home in Germany for a meet-and-greet and to personally congratulate him for passing his Futures Challenge and becoming an official Live Trading Partner! As a token of appreciation, Wolfgang got a branded backpack!

Wolfgang is now on his TTP journey to reach the top through our scaling program, and we are here to support him all the way through!

At The Trading Pit, we stand by our values: 'trading as it should be'!

Cheers to our Partners & Traders, and cheers to a New Year!
2022: A Year in Review

As 2022 is ending, we share the exciting milestones we have achieved and managed to hit so far!

It has been a fantastic year for The Trading Pit in the rapidly growing prop trading industry as we pursued and reached our goals, eventually building a trading environment where our traders could begin their trading journey.

Through this experience, we faced many challenges, but that didn't stop us! We remained resilient and continued to deliver a unique proprietary trading experience for our partners and professional traders.

We triumph as we look back at our journey, revealing our most outstanding achievements as we look ahead into The Trading Pit's future.

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