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Exciting announcement – we officially have a podcast!


And what better way to enter the podcast world, than with, our Legal specialist, Swaantje Dirks exploring the legal and regulatory aspects of prop trading, such as:

- The license requirements for traders
- The future of regulations
- The obstacles trading companies face
- and much more.

Swaantje is a specialist in licensing and regulations. Her experience in this topic goes deep, as she is an expert in banking, capital market, and intellectual property law.
The new podcast episode is available online on Spotify, Google, and Apple Podcasts

A must-listen for anyone who seeks insight into the legal and regulatory aspects of trading!
We’re excited to announce that we will be at the iFX EXPO Dubai 2023!


iFX EXPO Dubai is the world’s most prominent financial business exhibition that brings together online trading professionals, financial services, and fintech companies from a global scale.

We are open for a meeting to discuss how Prop trading will reshape the trading industry in 2023 and how The Trading Pit is modeling the road ahead.

Book a one-to-one meeting with one of our senior management now!

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Where: Dubai World Trade Center, Za’abeel Hall 6
When: 16-18th Jan 2023
The new upgraded forex challenges are now Executive and VIP, which have 4X more available account balances for each level than their predecessors. The update allows clients to make larger profit payouts after a successful trade and can scale up to a $1M account balance.


Clients can now receive up to 80% profit split, with a challenge duration of 90 days, from previously being 60 days. Before the upgrade, the scaling plans had 15 levels, now, the executive challenge has 11 levels, and the VIP has 10.

Choose your enhanced Forex Challenge
New website Announcemnt blog.jpg

Experience our enhanced and newly designed website

We are thrilled as we have launched our newly redesigned website, which offers more accessible and faster navigation with more intuitive and reinforced services.
The idea behind the uplift is to give our traders a seamless experience by providing a fully responsive interface that our clients can use on all devices with a clean, intuitive layout with improved functionality and easy-to-access information.

With the launch of the new website, we've created a unique visual representation that delivers transparency and simplicity, giving our clients a consistent experience. As a result, clients and visitors can interact better with The Trading Pit.

To ensure a comprehensive user experience, we've streamlined menus, simplified navigation, and enhanced visual imagery.

Visit Our New Website

Exciting News! We are proud to announce our new partnership with PaymentAsia.

Payment Asia is a reliable, secure, and fast payment system based in Hong Kong and a leader in the electronic payment industry that offers digital online banking solutions.

Their payment system will be a valuable addition to our prop trading firm, offering more options for our clients to securely and conveniently improve their transactions with us.

Our integration with Payment Asia ensures the improvement of our business outreach by offering a fine-tuned payment system for our services to Asian regions including Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Partner with us on our journey to change the industry
Attention traders! We have officially launched our new prop trading-related channel on Telegram.

With the launch of our new Telegram channel, our traders will now have instant access to up-to-date information on exchanging views, advice, opinions, and prop trading news.

Stay ahead of the game and connect with like-minded traders. See you on the inside!

Episode 1: What is proprietary (prop) trading?

Don't miss today’s episode!

Click the link to tune in and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Watch the video now!

We are working tirelessly to improve the quality of services and expand our product line to suit every trader's style and need. Toward developing a trading venue that provides equal opportunities to novice and expert traders, The Trading Pit is introducing two new Challenges to its Forex evaluation programs.

Traders must meet some straightforward requirements to pass their Challenges and join a long-lasting partnership with The Trading Pit for unlimited growth! They must respect the daily loss limit and max trailing drawdown, at most 50% of their profit target in a single day, and trade from a minimum number of trades.

  • Suitable for all traders, regardless of level or style
  • Follow a simple set of rules to pass
  • Cross-broker infrastructure adapted to you
  • Select broker, conditions, and platforms
  • Overnight and Weekend Positions
  • Trade 24/5 over 700 Forex CFDs
  • Up to $1M and 80% profit share
  • Any style and strategy

The Lite and Standard Challenges were built to help ordinary traders understand their trading flaws without risking capital other than their Challenge's deposits. The Trading Pit has carefully built its additional evaluation challenges to support traders in reinventing Forex trading with diverse learning material and expert mentoring with live trading sessions.

Traders can test out their skills and strategies in a safe setting where consistency, risk management, and teamwork drive personal growth. We are committed to creating an ever-evolving infostructure for traders to perfect their skills and build on their trading knowledge leaving capital shortages and risking hard-earned savings behind.

Take on a Challenge and let Forex volatility be your best ally!

Get started now!

The 2023 World Cup Championship of Forex Trading has kicked off, and we're over the moon to share that two of the top five positions are held by the amazing The Trading Pit team! Woohoo!

Our partner Patrick Nill, the World Champion in Forex Trading, and our co-founder Christoph shine bright like stars among the champions.

Way to go, team! The Trading Pit is the ultimate talent factory!

Congrats, and keep up the great work!

Follow their progress here!

We reveal how our Challenges can level up your strategies for a more rewarding experience. Discover why most traders at all levels are switching to prop trading and how it enables them to redefine strategies.

Challenges can be a smooth transition to live trading and an ideal learning environment for beginners to build their profiles. A secure crash test facility for market experts to fine-tune strategies for more impactful trading.

Explore ways to prevent losses with tools and rules designed to cultivate consistency and shape successful strategists. A challenge's advanced tutoring can unlock your full potential and level up your performance.

Read our exclusive article now!

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