Prestige fm not returning my money


prestige is supposed to send 123,000 euros to my account and it has been 3months ,they said in order for them to send me money they have to show loss on my account and once done they will send the money and i am waiting since

can anyone help ?
Hi I have asked again for the update they are not responding, how should I invite to join this thread ,sorry I am new to dealing the matter through forum

Many thanks
yes I do ,i have screen shot attached as glimpse of to what they said to me ,which should be paid end of July according to them and now they are not even responding to me when I ask for when will get my money tp my account ans its just excuse after excuse after so many months


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there are threads to teach you how to invite them over to FPA. i believe you should do that. have you tried to contact your bank or credit card company and do 'chargeback' ?
The OP has invited the company to this discussion on Aug 12, 2019 at 10:05 AM
Ben Williams from prestige called me after the invitation and was trying for me to put more money with them, which I said no to, then he mentioned that I only I made 120k using their bonus money so its not going to be 120k ,i invested 54k of my own money and traded and lost many times over to make 120k on their advice where they mentioned it is 100% protected and if we lost then they will reimburse the account back, it quite funny how they are now playing the blame game and trying to not give the money what was in my account when its time to send the money ,

he mentioned Robert green who is their head who was also sorting this has gone away due to his personal issues and that's why he is not replying

i asked multiple times when are you going to pay the money and I didn't get a straight answer and in the end, he said its a mess and will get back to me and put the phone down

that was shameful !! knowing that they are the ones who advised me that route to release the funds in the account and now when the time is give the money no one in their company are taking full responsibility and sorting this out
This issue has still not been resolved I have tried contacting them so many times, since no reply

Can any one help un this forum ??
Have you considered sending letters to Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or Financial Services Commission (VFCS) in Vanuatu ??