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Discuss PriceActionLtd.com

General discussions of a financial company
Really good so far. I am satisfied. Profit is very stable. My account drawdown is 13% and they promised maximum 15% drawdown. This is amazing, I am more than satisfied with price action ltd. Trader copier work like a clock. Everything is like at their accounts. Currently I am with 3 months plan. Algo plan is great for small traders like I am. When I saw that price action ltd put down prices because Xmas promotion I deciede to take it. I give them my account with $300 and put them in work, within few days I have $175 profit. I would recommend them for anyone looking to create a second stream of income.
SO BAD!!!!

These guys are terrible, they have no idea what they are doing. I am 99% sure they trade Demo and are trading and analysing off a mobile.

Below you can see how they like to manage trades. Remove stop losses and "hope for the best"

- 1000 pips a week ❌
- Trading against clear trends ✅
- Trading correlated pairs against each other ✅
- Good risk management ❌

This is the most recent trades. They never post their loses but I have been using their signal copier. Their video reviews are fake, they pay people to make those videos and then share it on their channel. Do yourself a favour and do not get scammed or buy any of their **** services. Everyone working there is very good at marketing. Please contact me if you require more evidence or proof as to what they share on their VIP channel. Every month is a lost, they never account for their losing trades. Only boast about their 20+ pips trades.


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