Amardeep Songh


Prime FMS is SCAM. I lost USD 18150/-

I have all the facts and figures with me. I have emails sent to Jordan for refund and not to open any trade under my account but still they opened the trades. And all the money was gone.

They have taken excess money from my account without my permission and they don't have any signed documents from me for that deposit.

One Day a guy name Tony Webber Called me, and asked me to open an account with Prime FMS.
stating its the most professional company. Due to lack of knowledge and experience in trading, I opened an account with them in August 2014.

A guy named Jordan Rice called me as my account manager and asked me to invest money in different trades.

As I was in a learning phase, i followed his advise and started investing.

After two to three months of trading, I invested around USD 18K. My account was at USD 25k including earned profit and bonus.
I asked Jordan for refund of USD 5000/- and the PROBLEM started.
All of the sudden he vanished. He stopped answering my emails. No calls. No updates.
I kept requesting for the refund. But response from them.

Actually what happened. One day, Jordan opened some big trades under my account. WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR CONSENT.
The deals were so big for my account, that my account could not sustain the loss and got closed in a day.
And all the money was gone. They never called me, no email was sent in respect to those trade. So without my permission they are operating my account. This is fraud.

This company is a FRAUD.

What Jordan did -

- Opened Trade with my consent or permission.
- I authorized him to debit my Bank account by USD 3000/- but he took USD 7000/-
- He purposefully open big trade and as i now came to know, that all our losses is gain for them.
- He promised to refund my money and which he never did.

After I lost my money, I came to know about this website from my friend. I posted comment about PRIME FMS on Forex Peace Army.

And guess what??

I got a call from PRIME FMS after two months.
Now a new person named Dalio Ray called me. He asked me to take back my complaint from this website and he was ready to give my money back.
And also said that Mr. Jordan was a cheat and his broker license is cancelled.
He said that Prime FMS is a very big company with USD 20 Billion Assets.

He asked me to submit my bank details from where the payment was made and he will refund the respective amounts in my account.
I submitted the required details to them at email
Now again this guy is vanished. And a new person is calling me to again invest with Prime FMS, forgetting what happened in past. He will help me to earn profit and help me to recover the lost money.

I want to understand, where I can file complaint against this company? What all legal step I can take against is fraud company.

This PRIME FMS is FRAUD Company.
Person involved - Tony Webber, Jordan Rice, Jake, Dalio Ray, Cristina Alesci.
(non of the person have any Linkedin, facebook, twitter and any social account)
The always call from same number - 00442031500378 / 0061280152342 (when you call on this number it line will not connect.)
The website is PRIMEFMS.COM
All there global offices as per the website, are fake. All the telephone numbers are fake.

Master Yoda

This broker somehow has a very low review rank Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

What you are describing here is a major criminal activity, do you have all emails with what you said? If so, post them (you can hide your name and emails).

You can also perform a chargeback through your card issuer.

They seem to be without a regulation, even the FCA has warned against doing business with them Prime Financial Management Services Limited - Financial Conduct Authority

Finally, I suggest you to invite them to reply to this thread.

Amardeep Songh

Prime FMS is SCAM (New Company Per their website W.g.r Pro Capital UK Ltd)

I have filed a case with Forex peace Army and Action Fraud Police UK against Prime FMS.

And Prime FMS earlier per their website some company B.D.E.S Group LTD was managing their refunds and all.
Now they have opened new company in Dec 2014 W.g.r Pro Capital UK Ltd.

Need to check which all other broker firms running under these companies.


I have also filed a case against Prime FMS today with Forex Peace Army.

The amount involved is US$10,000, which Prime FMS is refusing to refund to me.

The persons involved include:
- Henry Grant,
- Jordan Rice,
- Ray Dalio, and
- Cristina Alesci.