Prime FMS is scam



Since last May 2015 , I didn't hear or receive any information about my account , I have requested to close the account because I lost the trust of the staff who is responsible to take care of my account and because he had a fight with my friend he decided to not let me know anything about my account, after I spoke with my friend she said he thinks that I asked you to close the account . As I mentioned before from the first call I didn't feel that he is the right guy to Handel my account and he is not honest. Every week a new person call telling that he is or she is my account manager and asking me to raise the account they kept saying you will loose if you didn't invest right now 20000$ which I don't have when I say I don't have the requesting amount they change their attitude with me and kept saying without us you are nothing and can't achieve any success in money. Invested 3000$ and I'm May 2015 they reached 11,000$ and when asked them to return my money they said you have only 3000 and we will cut from them and we will not give the 4000 $. They money I invested with them was from my kids education account I wanted to make sure they have enough money.

I tried to call and sending many emails to the company to ask if anyone els can tell what happen to my money, but unfortunately even the website is blocked, and they changed their numbers

I hope someone can help me.
My account information: 8000816

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Before anything else, can you post the link to Prime's website. There are at least 2 similarly named companies getting a lot of complaints lately.
Also invite them to this thread by sending link of this thread via live chat or email.