Prime Fund

Patrick Geeves

Has anyone invested money into the Prime Fund Forex fund?
It was on the reccomended list at, a private investor club that closed down after the told us they lost all the money.
I have not been able to contact the fund or Hugeroi this year, their website has closed down.
It was a fund with a good 12 year track record, so how could they all of a sudden lose all the money? When I was able to contact hugeroi, they said they dont know the fund?
It all seems like a ponzi scheme to me regardless of what they say and have been reported to the NFA,CFTC and the FBI.
I have been looking into this myself and have not been able to find anything bad or good. Here are some links and maybe someone else will have better luck:

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Phone: +41 44 586 2822

Badenerstrasse 329
Zurich, Switzerland


It looks like one of these things that are too good to be true ... Would appreciate any information found out.
I'm not sure if this is the same company that was originally asked about or not.

MyFxBook permits things like covering open trades, hiding trade history, selecting your own start date in a long history, filtering by trade comments, etc. What you want is unfiltered trading history, from first deposit until present. This should either be by logging in using investor access or by something like Performance Testing at the FPA.

They claim to have been previously known as Bester Fonds EU. You could try searching for that.
I have signed up with them after asking Luke (director of Prime fund Fx) lots of questions . Before I did though I asked their recommended broker about them, and I had a positive feedback from the broker stating that they have been trading with them since 2010 and had no problems. I signed with them on the 9th of August and within 2 months my 10 k account grew to $13.500. That was impressive !!! HOWEVER , my floating position which was at a loss was getting bigger and bigger. I asked Luke whether he implements stop loss, and he said "yes at 35%". I was ok with that. Than last week I was getting more and more concerned as the floating loss was getting bigger and bigger quite quickly , so I e-mailed Luke and he assured me that everything was within the norm and under control. When I noticed that my floating position exceeded the 35 % stop loss mark I e-mailed Luke, but never heard back from him. Yesterday 23/10/13 my equity was $8.500 (down from $13.500) , so I decided that I will close my account today as I have not heard from Luke, however while I was at work I have received an e-mail from my broker saying that my account has exceeded more than 50 % draw back amount and asked me of I want to be disconnected from my account manager(Primefund Fx), I asked them to do so immediately. When I got home, I checked my account balance and it was $2230.00!!!!!! I though there must be a mistake, so I looked at the positions taken, and there were 4 positions taken at the same time inn the middle of the night with a HUGE position sizing two position sizing were 2:39 and 2 were 1:70. Prime fund has NEVER taken such huge positions on my account before and what ever happened to the 35 % stop loss?????? . If anyone knows of a reputable money manager I would love to hear about them, but I surely will do my homework. On the other hand I did spend quite a bit of time researching this one and look what happened ?