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Deposit/withdrawal problems

As I posted earlier, Prime4x are very lax when it comes to effectating and/or tracing deposits and withdrawals. Luckily, mr. Joe Adams of Prime4x came to my help and traced my deposit so it shows on my balance now. I am now trying to get my EA to start trading, which by nature happens "when it happens" so I am training my patience. The real test will come when I try to withdraw some of my earnings. A friend of mine has made two withdrawals; one arrived flawlessly but the other is lost for something like six weeks now and there is nothing you can do to get Prime4x staff go after your interests.

I wrote a letter to Prime4x management (you know, the paper thing that you put in an envelope, with a stamp on it. It has been more than two weeks since; let's give one week more before declaring this action failed too...


Loyal Forex and Prime4x are real Scammers

Loyal Forex was reviewed and assessed to be a five star forex broker. I was attracted because of the rating. After completing the forms and downloading the platform, I was dealing with another FX broker. I queried and they explained that they were the IB to eanable them to make more money. They lure me more with a 20% bonus on my deposit.

I remitted $250.00 and the added $50.00, which always reflected separately from the deposit that I made. I could not understand the reasoning for such separation. I sought an explaination but they would not touch on that. In fact it took about two weeks before my money appeared in my account, when they had told me it takes from two to four business days.

I contracted for an account with leverage of 1:500. I started trading by buying 0.21 lots of gold. I was really surprised that the transaction had consumed almost the whole of my account. $210.00 was used up in the transaction. I complained but they responded after over three weeks and after I reminded them that the leverage in my account was 1:500 and had not changed up to the point that I lost the whole account.

This was a clear Scam.


prime4x scam

you can see here there are many clients from diffrente countries.. .they fraud people only with bollshiiit...i sent my complain to NFA ,,and they have answered me after a week..i will countinue till i get my money from this scam company...

i advice anyone ,if you want your money dont let suck your money,and send your complain till have time .if our complain of prime4x be more and more ,NFA will proccess our case earlier....and we will be success..
i and many of my friends sent our complaines and explained all of their games for this 4 months hopeful in action we will success ...
NFA Emails :

Contact Us
if you send your complains with
your name
address details
call number
account detailes
complain subject : LCC

and documnets for frauds and wasting time and explaining their styles of works part of can send your history of withdrawal in this 4 month ago also to show them trust..
they will send your case to someone who will contact you in a week.Mr.Matt..he knows very clear about prime4x scam ..and he will contact you via email,maybe he want you more informations if needed...
dont sit and dont post here only ,here there is not anyone hear our voice frineds .prime4x dont want to give us our money back,i beleive we must get it.because those are our money..
hope all clients can take money...

best regards


The NFA only can do things to NFA registered brokers. Only US brokers are allowed to register with them. Unless Prime sets up shop in the USA, the NFA won't be able to do anything.


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The NFA only can do things to NFA registered brokers. Only US brokers are allowed to register with them. Unless Prime sets up shop in the USA, the NFA won't be able to do anything.
actually yes,Prime4x claimed before that it was registered by FSC in Mauritius
but I didn't found any thing in their website:FSC | MAURITIUS


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FSC of Mauritius

as they claimed before their company is regulated by FSC of Mauritius but I didn't find anything on their website,you can check it :FSC | MAURITIUS