Prime4x - Pay your Clients Now or Go Out of Business

Paulo Melo

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I reported an abuse on the domain registar ( Maybe they can help to identify the real owner (andy).

Prime Forex
Andy (
264 International business Center
Tel. +035.25030212
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who ever reads this and doesnt post is not a Soldier!

Me, as a Soldier of this army will make sure that no one new joins this
( i dont know what to call it) , my actions will include: trying my best to Block there website on my internet provider (the same way they block porn sites in some countries) by contacting my connections , I will also post in 1 other popular website to come see whats cooking here , and how we role in FPA.

if you read this, and avoid doing anything, remember it can happen to the most person you care about.


An Alternative Strategy - Psychological "Warfare"

Hi everyone:

In one of my posts at Traders Court, i mentioned about the situation within FPA, having to prompt a collective "boycott" towards a broker if whatever work done here within FPA cases is to be of some ends.

But I have here another strategy which i think is very worthy for FPA and everyone's consideration in further development or research.

The scenario is very plausible esp. if the broker in question is in business and it does not involve any losses of money to trader. As for the broker, it leaves them with psychological repercussions on its modus operandi.

This how it works:

1) On a given time (preferably in short time), with respect to the broker, everyone collectively opens DEMO accounts. This will create an unprecendented surge of demo clientele and traffic. If the broker notice this and most likely, then my belief is that the broker will continue to work hard in its scams, schemes, plans, etc, as its modus operandi and status quo, based on surging customer base.

Once anyone has done that, they post here, signalling to the rest of the battalion here, that they have assisted to complete step 1.

However, all this is a planned "deception". Because:

2) After a said given time (after the above step has been completed), everyone collectively boycott and closed their accounts, sending in all your emails, notices, complaints, investigations, etc, whatever, on why you have to leave them, like many others who do.

Once anyone has done that, they post here, signalling to the rest of the battalion here, that they have assisted to complete step 2.

Now, a stealth and overturned move by any "army" like this one will leave the broker with tons of business repercussions (even a DEMO account will do the trick) on itself, not including psychological, social and emotional - the key components (and also weaknesses) in any business, especially if it knows it has been playing games with other people's money.

How collective and how synchronous manuervre like this, is indeed what the best army is about.


Having a few hundred demos get opened within a one hour span, followed by having everyone who opened one write in and say "No thanks, I won't deal with a scam broker" might annoy Prime 4x, but it won't stop them.

This broker has a very large number of clients who already know the broker is a scam. Prime 4x's employees and owners know that more and more of their clients have figured out that the money isn't ever coming back. The best way to shut them down is to make sure that as many potential clients as possible know to take their money elsewhere and not give it away to Prime4x while also putting as many regulators and law enforcement agencies as possible on their case.

Simon Edwards

this is an awesome Idea and would be great to have it as an extension to the Traders court for all guilty verdicts.

I'm going to put something together on how best to get a blog going with the right SEO to get it noticed as fast as possible , i'll try and get it posted tonight.


It's a little extreme for a single guilty verdict or even for two. I originally developed the method for dealing with hard core scam brokerages that are beyond any hope of redemption. Prime 4x seems to be working very hard to meet that requirement.


prime4x, a scmmer in the pretence

prime4x seems to be there for us but in mirage. they have refused to attend to clients and their livechatt is off. as at yesterday, the website opens no more.
the forex community should not allow them to go without returning our money, our sweat. pls, it is high time they are dealth with.
I am a victim.


Scammer(prime4x) Address

anyone that can help. the address of prime4x is at International Business Center, 264 Limassol, Cyprus.
Telephone: +357 2503 0212
+357 2503 0213
pls, those in CYPRUS, UK, your assistant is highly appreciated.
thank you.


After nureni's findings that their website is down, I did an investigation:
the home page
does not respond.
It works if I go directly to the member login area:
From there, I can go to the home page.
Also am I able to log in and inspect my own account, nothing wrong there.
The trading system works, my EA receives ticks and can deal.