PriorFX: SCAM with evidence

Did you deposit by credit card? If so, gather all your evidence of lies and deceptions and pay a visit to the card's issuing bank. Ask to speak to the fraud and/or disputes department. Make sure you are talking to someone who knows that unauthorized charges are not the only form of credit card fraud and walk that person through the evidence.
My deposits had been completed with skrill.
But again, I think that the bank could never cancel transaction after so many weeks :-(

The most terrible of all, is that this broker from the moment I sent them ALL the evidence that their leverage has been ''mysteriously'' set to 1:2000 has NEVER even replied!! to ANY of my emails, offline chat messages etc.
Like they simply don't wish to have clients who are able to understand what is going on!!

They prefer to scam people who don't know even how to calculate the margin or the leverage for each transaction, so they always lose their money.
Complain to Skrill anyway. If they get enough complaints, they may take action and block the broker's access.