PrivateFX Managed account is scam

This is The guy named James has been sending me emails for while for managed accounts. He also sent me so called 3rd party audits. Basically Audit Report Claims their performance report is unbiased. It shows consistent profits for 2 years. Finally this guy offered me after many questions like max. DD is 20% and all. I finally opened a live account with 3K.
IN three weeks the account blew up. I am left with 270 USD. In the second week only when the DD was 80%, I sent emails if any one is watching trades, this guy never answered. Finally when account blew up, he sedn me big email like news paper, which say all trading risk. I need to sue this company. Scumbags like these are still living in 20th century, trying others money testing their dirt strategies.
Anything you can help to nail this guy, will be great. is scam

This website Private FX Managed Account is managed by guy names James. He is publishing so called 3rd party fake audit. Before I opened a 3K USD account for Management, he convinced me that the maximum DD is 20% and they have 3 big traders who have great experience.

Finally, I opened a account 3K for managed account. IN second week the DD was 80% , I sent emails and this guy never responded. Finally in week 3 margin call was hit and 2700 USD is gone.

Now this guy send email, this is all trading risk.

If you need, I can let you log in to my live account with investor password and see for real.

I am looking for legal lawyer, to sue this company and this guy.
Here you go

Subject: Private FX Reduced Performance Fee

We sent out an email a few weeks ago with a special promo for a reduced performance fee of 15% for the PRIVATE FX managed account.
Some of our clients never received the offer due to techical reasons on our side. Therefore we are resending the email to clients who did not receive the initial email the first time around.
if you would like to take advantage of this reduced PF of 15% for the lifetime of the managed account, you will need to open and fund your PRIVATE FX brokerage account within the next 2 weeks.
Just reply to this email with these words in the SUBJECT LINE: "I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN PRIVATE FX - CODE15-987"
We will then send you a special link that you must use in order for you get your reduced PF. You will have 2 weeks to open and fund your account before the offer is withdrawn etc.
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