(Matt Burns)


Buyer Beware

This EA comes with a 60 days "MANDATORY" results money back guarantee.
It means you have to run it at least 59 days, pull the results and send it to get your money back.

The EA is a "scalper" that trades certain "session" of 1 hr or 3 hrs a day.
We all know that high speed scalpers may do well in demo but a complete different history in real money accounts.

So, here is the catch... you are probably insane if you run the EA in a real account for 59 days just to ck it out. If you run 59 days in a demo, you "may " be in profit on the demo, therefore they will not give you a refund. If after that you try in real account... guarantee is over. If you try a few days in real account and you find out that does not work, it does not matter because you need a 59 days report to get money back.

Well you get the idea.
Beware that website mentions "live" MT4i. ... "Live" does not means real money account. It just mean a forward live test in a demo.