Problem on FTMO account


Good morning all,

My boyfriend started the challenge this summer, he succeeded. He started working on a $ 50,000 account and according to FTMO they sent him money on October 29th via transferwise and on transferwise they say the money was received by that bank on November 3rd. But his bank has no trace of the money, he has been waiting for his money for 1 month now, I would like to know if any of you have already had this problem? Have any of you ever received any benefit from FTMO? Do you think ftmo is a scam or not? Can you answer me quickly please because it is really urgent !!!!!


Who is FTMO stand for?

Is there a website url?

How much total did you deposit (and date)? how much total did you successfully withdrawal (and date)?

The recipient bank acct....which country is it located?

do you have a trading account statement?

do you have any screenshots of communications (chat, emails, etc)
I guess it's about this company here:
Their latest reviews are looking really bad: