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I want to be a professional funded trader so where can i learn forex to be a professional funded trader.I need a recommandations from you guys?
Congratulation that you have decided to do forex business. Definitely you have to learn first and deeply about the neaty gritty of forex. Otherwise you will not able to do professional trading. I have seen many broker who started trading business as part time work. And think that when they will started to earn consistently they will do full time business. This is actually wrong concept. If you wanted to learn you can take helps from BabyPips.

Howard G.

I've been trading for over 10 years. I wasted a lot of time, and money, just to join the 95% of all traders, who all lose money.

I actually found the absolute best training ever...all completely free. I was never asked for a penny, and I watched every video, and listened to all of the podcasts.

You want to go to YouTube, and join "No Nonsense Forex" with "VP." BUT: you have to start from the beginning

Now I know why you'd have to be crazy to mainly trade the EURUSD or GBPUSD (since the world's 5 largest banks completely manipulate those markets).

I learned how to build my own algorithm, how to enter and exit trades...the right to trail, and lot's of info about discipline.

I don't often make recommendations like this. But "No Nonsense Forex" changed my life. And, for the first time ever, there is no fee, no tricks, no schemes. You will just need to spend the time to learn, and get it right.

I have been a ForexPeaceArmy member for many years. I suggest anybody who is tired of losing, like I was, go and check it out.

Oh, and I am now being evaluated by a legit prop firm :)


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I think all beginner since they know forex hence will having imagination will become professional trader and make money with forex, but forex for me still good as part-time work, so if you resign from your main job, hence you need to think again, because forex is risky business, not all trader having criteria to become professional trader, but you have spirit, its good

Clay Davidson

If this forum is not enough for you really, there is some things like for example Earn forex and Baby Pips with their free schools and pipsology and a ton of youtube tutorials anyway. I do hope we really can work together anyway. Thanks for such.

FPA Forums Team Note: Or, you could read a set of lessons on forex trading written by a European Banking Professional and find other useful educational material here...


There is a lot of theoretical information on the Internet. But real learning takes place only in practice.


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You can search the Internet for some popular trading methods and test them yourself on a chart. Then there will be ideas, your trading systems. You will change something in well-known trading methods. In fact, you need to look for predictable formations on the graph. In the learning process, you only need to find out how to look for them, by what signs.
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