scam Avoid them at all costs!


Will force opening of trades at one particular price....not at market and closing of trades at one particular price which is not actual and you will lose with every trade.

They will allow normal trading on accounts until you start withdrawing money. I even still have other accounts that are trading normal and taking true to price positions and closing at market. Only on accounts I have begun withdrawing and being profitable are they forcing bad trades. I have screenshots to prove this behavior. I am not scalping. This is happening whether I am using my EA or manually opening or closing trades for the past few hours. All current open trades are held hostage to this trading state and I am afraid they won't conveniently respond until I get a margin call!

suspicious price closures not real 3.jpg

Notice above how the trade at 5:44 is at a price that doesn't exist on the chart for gbpnzd

suspicious price closures not real 1.jpg

Notice anything familar about the prices of the gbpnzd and euraud. The open price is the same for over half and hour! From 4:48 on!
I suggest you will ask them to reply here.
Also will you ask them to send you the pair feed report in ticks?
First, I suggest trying to close all trades on all accounts. It would be sad if you had a trade and there was a huge price spike that wiped out your account.

Set a tight SL and TP around the current price if it won't allow manual closes.

Get screenshots of everything - especially side-by-side shots of the functional accounts and the not-so-functional accounts.
Seriously, there is no need to ask this poster (d4amenace) to bring any proof because he has none. He seems to be the scammer or spammer. I have seen this same post on many forums and review sites. I don't have to be a psychic to know that it is the same person that is circulating this accusation. At first I was wondering, is it the same broker(profiforex) I am currently dealing with that @d4amenace is talking about? I don't know if I am the only one, but Profiforex has been working fine for me for about 6months now. I have been withdrawing my profits on a regular basis with no issues. So here are my question for this poster (d4amenace); Why have you not submitted any proof so far, especially on forums and review sites? Did you use EA's that is against Profiforex client agreement? Why the random post everywhere, Or did someone pay you to trash out this broker?
I've seen that 3 of your 5 posts have been endorsing ProfiForex, including your very own thread in Scam Alert to say how good they are.

Are you an IB?
I've seen that 3 of your 5 posts have been endorsing ProfiForex, including your very own thread in Scam Alert to say how good they are.

Are you an IB?

I think his nick....i.e lastagent...suggest that he is the very last agent/IB remaining for ProfiForex and its to his/her best interest to defend this brokers against the hoards of unsatisfied clients & ex-clients posting their bad experiences here and elsewhere :p

How come you are so sure?
can't you at least be less obvious on who you are and who you represent?

FYI- the company needs to reply here with a proof to the trader allegation, which she failed to do so far. Can't you ask your pals there to reply to this thread?
To last recruits accusation: No I am not an IB or a shill....I am a trader. And like all traders dealing with these kind of brokers. There are ups and downs. Since the USA decided to crap on all US traders and try to force us to invest in SCAM US Stocks and not allow us to use foreign brokers for forex trading, I have been forced to deal with these sometimes good sometimes bad brokers. That is the reason why some posts are positive and some are negative. To get profiforex to respond to the complaint...OF THE MOMENT. if you read my posts, which you clearly haven't I have said why my sometimes rants turn into positive raves...because I have forced them to act and do the right thing in response to their sometimes ****ty behavior.

Please get the facts straight first, my friend.
I've seen that 3 of your 5 posts have been endorsing ProfiForex, including your very own thread in Scam Alert to say how good they are.

Are you an IB?

No...I have IB's. I am a trader who has ups and downs with my broker. like anyone else. read my posts in chronological order and you will see that I have given positives and negatives clearly about this broker. When they do bad I call them on it. When they do good I praise them for it. Anyone who just has bad to say and does not give credit when a broker reverses course and does the right thing is an IB or shill.

My posts reflect a REAL TRADERS response to his day to day dealings with a sometimes good/bad broker. I would just leave them but I am in the US and don't want a broker with 1:50 leverage. I need 1:500 leverage for my trading.
Putting this explanation here for new scam case against Profiforex.

Have been a trader for some time. You will see when you review this I have filed against them before and have gotten satisfaction. This time though they seem to be purposefully avoiding executing my withdrawals.

I requested a withdrawal on April 8, 2015 by way of credit card. They claim to initiate withdrawals within 24 hours. I have contacted chat 3 times in the past week and emailed their finance department twice. The chat keep telling me "tomorrow" and finance won't even respond. The withdrawal I did with them on April 4th also took 4 days and I had to contact them twice by chat and one time by email to finance department.

This is becoming a constant irritation. Since I am a US trader, I really have no choice but to deal with them if I want 1:500 leverage with nanolot trading.

My only recourse to get them to do the right thing is to make the complaint here. This seems to be the only way to get them to act on withdrawal requests.

And YES, to all moderators and IB shills, if the company responds and satisfies my request I will give them credit with a positive post. This does not mean I am a shill, just fair and honest.