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Profit-ForexSignals.com (was ProfitFxSignal.com)

Discussion in 'Forex Signals Services' started by Administrator, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Oct 7, 2007
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    Profit Forex Signals (PFXS Ltd) - Ninoslav Golubovic

    I have seen many negative posts going back to 2013 regarding Profit Forex Signal and all seem to conclude during 2017.

    I have my own story to tell........all backed up by a "wealth" of factual, email material that I am willing to share.

    My material contains many, many promises of monetary account rectifications with trading performance enhancements. The final part was to be a meeting with the Nino himself whilst he was visiting our country. Of course this did not take place. I allocated time, he did not and this being after Nino advised of his travelling arrangements.

    None of this of course materialised............I am not gullible. I am a busy hard working individual who needed and wanted a successful trade copying service to act on my behalf. I only have the time to sporadically trade and often miss great forex market movement opportunities.

    Why did I choose Profit Forex Signals. The story they told, the performance they claimed, the clever tactics they utilise, and the professional copy they write........

    I will and can share my material shortly.

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