Impudently Stole My Picture!


Dear All,

A week ago I saw a "share" in Facebook, which was including a Forex Humor picture created by ME 2 years ago. I followed the link and I saw my picture in a website called Here, you will find my picture (the one with the charts and the "surprised guy"):

Furthermore, they have even put their logo on the top of my picture.

As you see, they have included other well-known pictures with their logo on the top. We all know these pictures and I doubt they created them by themselves. I would like to emphasize that this is only one of their sections. They have many other sections with other pictures with their logo on the top.

Then, I decided to contact them via email regarding this issue and this is what I wrote to them:

Dear ProfitF

The second picture in this section: personally created by ME on May 16th, 2013. I used my own MT4 charts to cut the situation, which represents one of my real life experiences.

I would be grateful if you remove it from your website voluntarily. Otherwise, I would look for my rights other way, regarding intellectual property.

You simply cannot upload other people's photos and put your logo on the top.

Kind Regards,
Damyan Diamandiev


This is what they replied:


Provide me any proof?
If you're on this image , can you send me your photo?

Now, all I know, Damyan Diamandiev are from Bulgaria and your website ********* (I hide it so there will be no advertisement)

Best regards,


My answer:

Dear ProfitF Support,

Attached you will find your proof. How long have you been "owning" the picture? Less than this I believe.


Kind Regards,



They did not respond after this message. Therefore I wrote to them second time in order to offer them an alternative solution of the problem:

Dear ProfitF Support,

I expected to hear from you.

Since I managed to provide a proof that I own this picture, and you have used it without my permission, I expected you to take it off your website. Of course you did not take it off your website.

Therefore, I would like to ask you to take your logo off the picture and to give credits to (my website) for it with providing a simple backlink.
I believe we could manage to cooperate and to get through this peacefully. I really do not want to fight over a stupid picture. I believe you do not want this too.

Kind Regards,


They did not respond again.

I really do not want to fight over a picture and I preferred to settle peacefully, but obviously, they fully refuse to do that! Furthermore, this picture is getting tons of likes and shares in the social networks on their account!

I would be grateful if you manage to help me!

Kind Regards,
Damyan Diamandiev
Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat.

PS: We want your votes at open cases, check this section FPA Open Cases and votes for Guilty or NOT Guilty
Thank you for the information!

Do you think I can File a Case in Forex Peace Army for this?
Alright then!

I start following the rules for filing a case. I will try to contact them and I will redirect them to this thread.
I just wrote them another email message:

Dear ProfitF Support,

Since you do not want to cooperate, I decided to bring this to the next level.

This link is for you:

If you do not take actions in the next week, I will file a case against ProfitF.

I hope you are familiar with FPA.

Kind Regards,


They are free to join the discussion!
From what I understand, if you have not registered that picture/photo with any recognized governing bodies and have not include the copyright symbol "@" on that picture/photo (articles, etc), then you do not have exclusive copyright/intellectual property ownership.

Also copyright ownership has certain time limitation after which anybody can freely use/copy your product/invention/etc.

This does not change the fact that the picture is stolen. In order to go to court, I have to do all the things you said. Nevertheless, I am the only person who can register the picture with a recognized government body, because I am the only one who can prove its creation, as you already saw. As I said, I do not want to go that far because of a picture. Therefore, I believe ForexPeaceArmy is the suitable "judge" for such cases.

Furthermore, I do not want them to stop using it. I want them to take their logo off and to give me credits for it. I have 100% rights to require this and furthermore, it does not require the intervention of any governmental body. After all, I am not filing a claim for millions.

I absolutely do not mind people to use my pictures. Despite of that, ProfitF impudently put their logo on the top claiming it is theirs, and now they reject discussion of any kind.

And we have this confusion because of them refusing to provide a simple back link. This is called insolence, arrogance, stupidity, ignorance and lack of professionalism. These dishonest people are working with clients after all.

Therefore, I believe ForexPeaceArmy is the right body for this issue.

They are not capable of law enforcement, but they bring strong publicity regarding violations in the area of Market Trading.

Kind Regards,
Borrowing a funny picture to make a meme or a demotivator is one thing. Reposting an existing meme or demotivator is one thing.

Rebranding one of these is quite a different thing.

Figure out who their webhosting company is. Then you can file a DMCA complaint.