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Problem Profits are a sign of cheating

I am having an issue with a company
Wow! I thought Amin's great grandchildren would still be waiting for that money. Hopefully, this new administration at FBS is serious about fixing all the issues that PoltekFx didn't care about.
regarding Mr. Amin El-Hakim issue

My name is Nikita Kuleshin and holding a position of Customer Service Department manager I’m speaking on behalf of FBS company.
I hereby confirm the post made by Mr. Amin El-Hakim, who had an account No 24512 at PoltekFX, and that the payment was made in due with his words above. As we all are aware PoltekFX has become a part of FBS, which is currently turning into a large-scale international company. Thus we considered ourselves obliged to have this issue resolved.

During the process of Poltek joining FBS the only client Poltek owed to was Mr. Hakim. I would like to inform you that FBS has been formed by several capitals, and one of the investors was the owner of Poltek, who offered his company as an asset for his share. Thus FBS is not a result of rebranding or renaming, and Poltek is just a small part of our company. None of the employees or managers who have worked for Poltek will be among our staff. Poltek ceases to exist as an independent organization on 1st of March, 2009.

Since our main priority is building honest long-term relationships with our clients, the problems of this kind contradicts our ideology and the position we stand for in relations with our clients and partners (including those who were clients of a company that become a part of ours). Therefore we decided to make an anticipated payment to Mr. Amin El-Hakim, thereby fulfilling all the debts and solving all the issues of the company affiliated with us.

In case any further similar issues are occurred we will review them in accordance with our internal procedure and legal framework of the Company. You can find the document describing this procedure on our website www.f-b-s.com, "About the company".

If you have any questions please find our contacts on our website:
Contacts - About our company - FBS
Nikita Kuleshin