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Profits24hrsdotcom Corporation is a scam.

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by danmann, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. danmann

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    Sep 29, 2008
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    Hi! On the beginning of August i find a web site (www.profits24hrs). Their main business is investments. After a briefly examination i find their investments plans to be very rewarding and i decide to invest. I made two deposits from my Liberty Reserve account in total of $817.00
    In the following weeks every think was running according to their plan bat wen i decide to withdraw some of my cash they started to show me their bad part of the business. In fact they was blocked my access to the site. I send a ticket to the admin with the pretext that i want to invest more in the Corporation and i can access my back office. (EVERY TIME I TRY TO LOG IN I GET THE DIALOG "YOUR LOG IN DETAILS ARE INCORRECT) correct details or not wen they had receive my ticket with my further investment intention suddenly my log in information was once again correct. I did not transferred more cash bat instead i reinvested the existing money. After i was well over $8000.00 my log in details stop to be working again. I try to contact the administrator bat with no success up to date. In fact they blocked my account and wen i try to lo in i get the replay that my Log IN details are incorect. Now who the hell start to invest his money
    and isn't able to memorise or write down two log in details?

    1) They don't replay back to emails!
    2) No physical address!
    3) No Phone contact No. !
    4) No prof of investment!
    5) No licence!
    6) No registration with any legal regulatory body!

    Conclusion: SCAM

    Update 17 October 2009

    Well they never replay to my emails since my account was closed.
    An ongoing investigation is in place right now conducted by:
    Pennsylvania Securities Commission

    P.S. If you read this thread and you are in the same situation
    with this fake corporation please replay to this post. All claims
    will be treated seriously and could help to stop this ponzi scheme
    and eventually possible recovery of your invested money.
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