Promotion contest liteforex kick me


I have join this promotion on Dec 2010.2 times my website was block by blogsport cause somebody make fake report said im doing spam.Honestly and i swear im not doing any spamming to promote my website.Nevermine then i create another website to participate this promotion contest and approve by liteforex. I start promote my website until i get 1st place.Suddenly on 30 Mac 2011 before last day on 31 mac 2011 i found my website was delete by liteforex claim me do falsification click.5 month im wasting my time at last liteforex kick me like last his IB won the 1st prize Forex Market Broker | MetaTrader MT5 | Forex Trading | LiteForex company. That time my website still active and can open and now my website also block by i suspect liteforex make report to webs to block my website also.What im angry after 5 month i wasting my time at last they make me like this.If they think im doing falsification click why they not kick me earlier?why last day they kick me.Person incharge Natalya said i click my self that is stupid can i click my self with the same IP address.How can i can make 9000 click with the same PC. Start from now im not trust anymore any contest from liteforex.I advise to all trader in liteforex dont waste their time like me before.5 month wasting time promote liteforex at last i got this....go to hell liteforex contest..