Prop Firms

Money Bird

For awhile we just had a few prop firms. Then we got TopStepFX, Maverick, and FTMO for a few years there. Lately, we've had a wave of new Prop Firms popping up including MyForex Funds, FMS Traders, Funding Talent, TCF, Bouy Trade... Well the list goes on honestly! Some of these prop firms actually make money of peoples trades, some A & B Book Trades, some B book everything and make all their money off people failing. The bottom line, there are many new ones that are scamming new people that have come into this arena. Can we get some categories made to discuss them, people can post pay out proofs, and even categories & alerts for prop firms that end up being scams? Even worse, and more to the original founding of FPA, most of these prop firms operate in the unregulated sphere & can't be going as unchecked as they currently are. I ask this as I just recently decided to try out a prop firm after several years, and I had one done over on me by Funding Talent, and I'm finding there isn't any appropriate places in here.