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Discuss ProTradeCopyCat.com

General discussions of a financial company
They say they found a flaw in the market and this is how they trade. I just bought this system (the PTC) as well 3 other upsells including Swiper and executive. I found the upsells really annoying and my suspicion rader when up! As Im trying to automate my trading (due to chronic illness) I am skeptical of all the bots tested so far including this one and remain so currently.

Will report on activity and findings but as per the reviews above, thinking this is yet another scam. There customer service leaves little to write home about, Ive sent two tickets over 24hours ago and no reply's yet! Damn it! Is there anything at all that actually works or any way at all of automating my trading!!!!!!!!!


Sceptical too

I purchased the Protradecopycat system on Friday and was disappointed right away.

After following all the instructions I looked at the tab for FX signals and there was nothing there.

I sent a helpdesk request and got the answer of "It's working for me keep trying".(2days later)

I have logged into their site from my computer (a PC) and from a Mac and another PC but I still can't see the signals...open or closed.

I am going to try their product for 30 days but I am disappointed with it so far.