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Problem Pstonetrading.com (clone of Pepperstone) blocked withdrawal

I am having an issue with a company
In my messages I told you it is a clone broker they just copy all of Pepperstone's information thats what I discovered. I stronggeled and got in touch with the real pepperstone they said it had nothing to do with them

Screenshots of my discussion with real pepperstone.


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I thought there was a way of extracting the funds to my wallet.

I had already done everything they just told me but they weren't even touched they only told me and kept telling me I have to deposit 2100usd.


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Have just been scammed! by pstonetrading,
First they lured me by sending small amounts to my mobile money number then later they when i started their course i keep on failing and they keep asking me to deposit more.
After googling their names and the found the original company, then it hit me that they were scammers chatting privately promising 100% unrealistic profits. Have attached my evidence as i was talking to one of them. It's sad all my savings gone within minutes.
Please watch out! They're after your hard earned money


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So there isn't away to recovery the funds?? The Global Anti-Scam Org say they do not do funds recovery they only provide emotional support for victims
What will I do now please help me
So there isn't away to recovery the funds?? The Global Anti-Scam Org say they do not do funds recovery they only provide emotional support for victims
What will I do now please help me
Recovering funds is very difficult. What country are you from?
If there is anyway to do funds recovery even if the person who does takes everything and gives me even just 2000usdt. Even affording one meal a day for me is hard. I have even tried to put and end to me life on several occasions because not only am I ruined financially, have lost my job and I owe people