PWRTrade - scam broker!


Hi, my story with PWR Trade started in January 2017 with the first initial of 250 USD. The first broker Michael Cooper (fake name) persuaded me to invest more and after some unsuccessful trades he disappeared and was never online again, not answering the e-mails. Then I was contacted by Ramon Colins who offered me a VIP account (minimal deposit was 50.000 USD) with "risk free" investments and different rules for VIP clients, working on daily basis with a financial plan. Soon the money was gone, I was advised few good trades but most of the other trades were lost. Even Ramon Colins disappeared in the end and I ended up with so called "recovery department" and an arrogant guy Ryan Hawkins who explained that we can recover all my funds but it would take long (1-2 years) before I would be able to withdraw a penny out of my account.
I lost 101.000 USD with them.
PLEASE do not trade with them, they are a scam broker for sure as they are not licenced! Everything is fake, they are not allowed to offer this kind of trading and don´t work on the on-line platform. They operate from Israel but the company is registered on Marshall Islands.
I have already gone through the chargeback process and one of the two chargebacks was successful – but only for the lower amount of money.
I have filed an official complaint to a criminal police department that had already started with all investigations (locally and internationally) and criminal prosecution.
I have also send complaints to different security organisations that are able to take both administrative and civil actions!

I have the full evidence of all deposits and all trades so all the details were fully available for the security organisations and criminal police department.

Please don´t give up on getting your money back if you were scammed and use all the possible means you can - reviews, complaints, police, bank chargebacks.

Katerina W.