Quadra Fx not sending refund


I requested a refund from Quadra FX over a month ago and still have not received it.They say Skrill will not accept the funds. I contacted Skrill , their email
Thank you for contacting Skrill.

Further to your inquiry, we would like to inform you that your Skrill account, associated with the email address _______@gmail.com was deactivated because multiple accounts are not allowed in our system.

Your active Skrill account is associated with the email address ________@gmail.com. Therefore, we advise you to update your information with Quadra FX and provide them with your correct email address.

We hope that you will find the above information and our assistance useful. In case you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

I advised Quadra FX of the change of email address, they still said said Skrill would not accept my funds.Again I contacted Skrill:
Thank you for contacting Skrill Customer Services.

After reviewing your transaction history we found a transaction for the amount of 1400.00 USD which were sent to mbusd@gcmfx.com . If this is the same merchant you would like to receive the refund from, there are no restrictions that might complicate the transaction. At current your account is active and fully operational and you may send and receive funds.

Make sure that the e-mail address you have provided the merchant with is the same e-mail that you used to register your Skrill Digital Wallet. If all the information you provided them with is correct, then we suggest that you contact the merchant, since there are no issues or restrictions in regards to your Skrill account that might lead to a failed transaction.
I do not think this had anything to do with it as the Skrill account still in use is the one which sent the funds.
I also advised Quadra FX to transfer direct into my bank account, their last email says they are looking onto it. All the time my funds are there they are charging me $35 per month for an account I have not used, so they will eventually have all my funds.
Any ideas how to get my funds.
First, tell Quadra that they should not be charging you while a payment method is worked out.

Second, forward them the email from Skrill showing them that your account is in good standing.

Third, keep pursuing other methods - wire transfer, a check, whatever else Quadra Fx is capable of doing.

Fourth, keep this thread up to date so that everyone can see how this situation proceeds.
The Skrill email was sent to Quadra FX. I sent the funds withdrawl form in again.

Their latest Email:Your Close Account Request has been declined due to the following reason:
It seems there is not enough available money in the account to make the withdrawal.
Best regards,
QuadraFX Limited
(what do they mean) there is still over $1000 in the account.
Was there any sort of bonus applied to your account? If so, that may not be withdrawable. If not, send them a screenshot of your balance. Also, don't open any new trades.