Quadrafx.com pure Scam


i have applied for a new live account and the application wouldn't continue unless i deposit the minimum 250$,
so i did fund via Skrill 250$,
and later they sent me an email that they can't accept me as a client at this moment without reasons and that's the last time i ever heard from them,
they did not refund my deposit,
they are pure scam stay away from them
That sounds so strange...
contact skrill with their answer that they can't accept you and ask for a refund.
Complaining to Skrill is a good step.

Also, keep trying to contact Quadra by email and live chat. Ask them why they haven't returned your money. Let them know you complained here and will be keeping this thread up to date.
are there brokers that would really demand a deposit first before they accommodate you? I know of brokers bugging traders to deposit but not actually make it a requirement :( yeah the first thing would be contacting skrill if they can do anything regarding the transaction, complaints to money processors can sever the brokers reputation, I mean like PP they usually cancel their services if there are enough complaints against a certain company.
There's no limit to the ploys some brokers will use to get a deposit.