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Question about Crown Forex

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by JIDOMIS, May 2, 2008.


    JIDOMIS Recruit

    Apr 4, 2008
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    i am akinjide, one of the army. i will like to know if there has been any complain from our people concerning crownforex in the past or recently. so that i know how to play my game safe with them.

    few weeks ago, i red from the allforex.com that all the forex brokers in switzerland are likely to face some problems very soon that, the swiss government want all the so called forex brokers to have the same license that the real bank possess. so that they will be monitored very well, and will be governed by the same rules and regulations that the swiss central bank use for their commercial banks in the switzerland.

    now, i like to know if any of our army have been facing problem with any of the swizerlands forex brokers. if not, please sir, try to alert all our members to be aware.

    today i had a problem with crownforex, the problem is that during the time of the non-fram payroll i executed a trade and they threated my ****-up until the end of the volatility. my order was pending throughout the whole period... if this continue, i think it will be bad for them because they are using that to steal our money from us. sometimes during the normal market spike, they there system will just go off so that they will have the chance to manipulate the market


    below is the message i copied on the day from the website of allforex.eu

    New regulations in Switzerland. Forex Brokers without a bank license will be closed.
    So, we now see the next country which decided to regulate foreign exchange business.
    As announced on the webpage of the Swiss Banking commission, all companies operating on foreign exchange market are required to obtain a full banking license. The law coming in force on April, 1st gives existing companies one year space of time for obtaining the license.
    If anyone here can read German or French please follow directly the link: EFD - Unterstellung der Kunden-Devisenhändler unter das Bankengesetz
    For many years Switzerland was a paradise for Forex brokers. All of them telling the audience to be regulated, but in fact there was never any license or regulation. They only had to to be a member of one of the selfregulation bodies like Polyreg who was only looking after anti-money laundering matters. Now with the new upcoming regulations I don't think more than two or three companies will survive. Obtaining the banking license does not only mean a multi million security deposit, but also a very complicated and time consuming process and nobody can be sure that at the end of this process the license will be given.
    So, take care of your money now and move it to somewhere else before it´s too late.

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  2. universe33

    universe33 Recruit

    May 2, 2008
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    Crown Forex is a perfect broker until you get to much on the positive side. They decide when??? It took over a month for my last withdrawal, no response to several e-mails. I lost my last $500 with them taking a nonsense trade, just to close with them, once and forever. They can have and enjoy the remaining $30 on my account! Good luck with them.:nerd:


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