Question about the MT4 Account History tab (I'm a noob, sorry)


I have a question about the MT4 Account History tab. I'm testing an EA that counts how many trades have been closed within a specific period of time (usually a trade week from Monday to Friday). In order to do that I must use the custom period tool of the Account History tab for the EA to know which trades must be taken into account.

While I'm using the option 'Last Week' at the dropdown menu everything seems to work apparently smooth. However if any specific period is chosen other than those available at the dropdown menu, it doesn't work. I tried to choose a custom period from Tuesday this week to Monday next week and the platform hold it for a few days but then unexpectedly the whole trades history was shown because no apparent reason. I didn't chase the period at any moment and the platform was not closed at any moment (it's running on a 24/7 VPS).

Am I doing something wrong? I admit this is the first time I'm using custom periods this way and maybe I'm missing something important.

Any help will be appreciated.