question about auto trading


is it posible / are there any ea's out there that will auto place the trades for Trade Forex 1 Minute Daily

i like to trade GBDUSD but in my time zone i have to place the trades at 1am.

thank you for any help

Hi Frank

I am working on an EA but i will be doing a lot of modifcations to reduce the occurances of a double false break out.

If you look in the forums for 1minutedaily you will notice one of the guys has coded this system, i am sure he would be happy to sell it to you for $150 as he told me, but i am not sure what or how the system trades as compared to the simple manual system by 1minutedaily.

Otherwise i am sure you can get a programmer to do one for you, i am sure it will take them literally 1hour to do.

Let me know how you are finding the system, are you trading real money or not yet, i would like to get feedback and ideas in order to improve my trading.

Wish you all the best.