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Quick Guide to Navigating the
Forex Peace Army's Website

A long time ago, the FPA website was much easier to navigate. There were forums, reviews, and a news calendar. Then one thing led to another and more features were added.

Since I've been around the FPA for nearly 9 years now, it all makes perfect sense to me. I saw each piece added. Every now and then, I even got to say where to place the new items. For someone new to the website, it's a little complicated.

Look up at the top of this page and you'll see a page header with navigation options. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see more choices. To keep you from having to scroll up and down, I'll paste in some pictures.


This is the standard top bar for nearly all pages. A few areas which haven't been updated yet have an older menu bar. The biggest difference is the forums login on the upper-right is now available outside of the forums.

Let's take a look at the upper left choices...


On top, you can see the logos for Face Book, Twitter, and G+. Those link to the FPA's social pages. If you are into online social sites, please visit them.

Below, clicking on the house will bring you back to the FPA's home page. To the right of that, there are categories for Reviews & Tests, Education, Community, and Calendar.

If you point to Reviews & Tests, you'll see...


The first choice takes you straight to the FPA's reviews. The FPA has the largest and best set of human moderated forex reviews in the world. Why is it the best? Because I and my team of moderators keep it that way. More that one advertiser was surprise that ad money only bought banner space and didn't include special privileges.

The second option takes you to the FPA's Performance Tests. When the PT program started, demo accounts were permitted. Now it's all live accounts. This is much more transparent than most online trading results. The information is pulled directly from the broker's server. All trades from the first to the most recently closed are displayed. Losses can't be hidden by leaving losing trades open, since floating Profit/Loss numbers are always displayed.

The third option takes you to live discussions of forex companies. Each reviewed company gets a discussion thread. This link takes to to the folder where all those discussions are accessible.

If you point to Education, you'll see...


The first choice is "Complete Forex Trading Course by Pro Banker", which is also known as Forex Military School. It was written by Sive Morton, one of the FPA's Giants (see below). This is a comprehensive course which covers everything from What is a currency pair? through how to create and test your own trading system. For new traders, it's a must. For experienced traders, it still contains a wealth of useful information.

The second choice is for Shoulders of Giants Market Analytics. Currently, the FPA has 3 giants. One is Sive Morton, the author of Forex Military School. He primarily focuses on the Euro and gold. The second is Andrew Mitchem, known as The Forex Trading Coach, He offers daily views on Currency Strengths and Weaknesses. The third is Jarratt Davis, a successful hedge fund trader and forex educator. He offers signals as well as insightful articles about how the market works.

The third choice is the Daily Forex Trading Signals. These are based on price movements around scheduled economic news releases. If most analysts make similar predictions and the numbers come out close to those predictions, not much happens. When there's uncertainty or the numbers are a big surprise, price moves quickly and there can be some good trading opportunities.

The fourth choice of the Forex Glossary. This is not some old recycled glossary which still lists the Euro as the future currency for Europe. Instead, it's a number of definitions written by forex traders for forex traders.

If you point to Community, you'll see...


Both in the reviews and in the forums, you'll see frequent references to Scam Alerts. This the the most active folder in the FPA's forums. If you've been scammed, report it in the company's review page and open a thread about it in the Scam Alerts folder. If you want to see what sorts of complaints a company has been getting, both the review page and Scam Alerts are the place to look.

Forex Traders Court is a main section of the forums. It includes Scam Alerts and a number of other folders relating to helping traders. I'm planning a separate forums navigation guide, so will give more details about it there.

Community Forums is another main section of the forum. It's primarily for non-commercial items, but has a special folder just for companies which decided to spam. The most popular folders in it are Beginners Bootcamp and General Forex Talk. Don;t worry, the article on forums navigation will show how to navigate the forums with ease.

If you click Calendar, you'll find a calendar and more...


The Economic News Calendar is designed to be low latency, so you can see the numbers from scheduled economic news releases as they come out. The charts can be very useful, since you can see exactly how the markets reacted to past releases of each news event.

Need to know the exchange rate between Singapore Dollars and the Mexican Peso? Look no farther than the Currency Converter. It even has a link for international transfers from one currency to another.

Forex Tools and Calculators gives you additional items like Interest Rates, a Margin/Pip Calculator, a Currency Index, and a Pivot Calculator.

And, the bottom menu looks like this...


There will still be some differences in how this looks depending on where you are in the site. For reasons I'm still wondering about, the forums currently have the new 3 column layout and some other areas have a 4 column version found on the homepage and reviews. :confused: I'll remove this comment as soon as everything is more standardized.

Towards the upper-right, you'll see links for Contact Us, Help (It's not very helpful - please use the FAQ link from Contact Us instead :)), Terms, Privacy, Advertising rates, and About.

The first column lets you jump to the different categories in the FPA's reviews and Performance Tests.

The second column includes links to the most of the major folders in the Education tab of the Forums.

The third column covers a number of areas of the forums. Don't forget, I'm planning on a fully detailed forums navigation article soon. I'll show you a couple of tricks I use to get around more easily. It also includes a list of available calendar and tools choices.

I hope this helps you find your way around the FPA site a little more easily. If you have any other questions, I've created an FAQ here to help you out...