Quick review of the 4hr Anchor Strategy

kasim ijelu

Private, 1st Class
Well i've been carrying out this new method of play and it seeem to be working out nicely
At the begining of the week from Sunday for the weekly 4hr Anchor weekly plays,

1stly i'll mention to you my screen set up's
The 1st computer screen is the Anchor Screen i have the 6 USD currency's displayed on that screen
Theses are then analysed, building the case for all of the 6 USD pairs on the 4 hr Tiime frame with possiable senerios.

I also in the backfore ground have the USDX

Then on my excution screen i have the same six pairs on an hrly Time frame
I then build a case for each of the six pairs using the Anchor as a reference Point, connecting the dots

i Then Check up on up and and coming newsevent or fundermental releases.

Then i wait for trade set ups that i recognise always referring back to the plan if i get lost.

Plan, FolloW, Action,Review

I then checked my pervious 4hr journal notes and then matched my hrly trades to see if i was following what i planned to do. YES!! YES!! Plan, Follow, Action,Review.

But i have to be so mentally strong!! if not i find that my ego takes over and i start to sabbtage My self as i stray from the path of Englightenment to the dark side. anyway back to Earth

Eur worked out perfectly and the USD/CHF is still working on a risk free bases brillaint so far. just need to keep it up stay disciplined and focused, never trade when i'm tired manage my risk, always bank break even when unclear.

Might need some help in tracking as the oppotunites presented it's self. Anyway i just need to take my time and place an ordder in that shouldn't really be a problem because the plan of execution has already been made. i think it was the thought of being in to many trades and mangeing them.

Which is why i like using the 4hr time frame because it give me time to access, things and judge market senitment.

No Fear!!!!
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