Raphael Palmdale, A Scam Artist, Genius Trading Masterclass, A Scam Course


OMG, I was at that to clic on it!
You saved my money, I owe you a beer.
Great review bro.


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OMG, I was at that to clic on!
Thanks for the review,you saved my money, I owe you a beer bro!
Thats great. Ideally you should have Googled before getting that far into buying, but as long you do it before paying, its all good :)
This is exactly why we wrote these reviews. You are welcome


Cool, thanks mate, I have no interest to study from him, really look too good to be true, but just curious how he managed to create those trades thats all.

I myself learn quite a lot from YouTube video from nick shawn rockzfx, the basic breakout and retest. Still non profitable, still need to work on my entry.
"just curious how he managed to create those trades thats all."

I won't post the exact link in case it gets deleted, just search for the1millionproject on IG and you will see how Raphael (and others) fake it. I'm not just talking about a demo account, I'm talking about manipulating MT4 to add & withdraw "millions" on what looks like a real account (even showing the "real" yellow text on the top left of the screen). You will see how easy it is to cherry pick past trades to enter just before a big move and then "load that sh*t up" (LOL what a joke) and have those appear as genuine trades in MT4 which he then posts to the telegram.

To make it appear legitimate and to win over the skeptics, he will create "losing" trades without actually losing any real money. As with the "winning" trades, these "losing" ones will show up on the MT4 history as genuine (he will then post a screenshot to the telegram group). This is typically followed up by a series of "winning" trades where he will either say that he managed to eventually turn a profit or just break-even for the day.

The only thing "genius" about Raphael is his ability to scam so many people. The lure of the Lamborghini, mansion & private jet clouds the judgement of many; and even though in the back of their minds they know they have dug themselves into a deep, dark pit, they will keep digging and digging and digging. Trading CFD's is the new crack cocaine! BEWARE!


Well Well Well, I was going to do this review after a while to capture my journey step by step, but since this scammer continues to sell his courses for 1300USD!!, and new people are signing up every day, I thought I would do a review now, hopefully saving someone their hard-earned money.


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Before I start, let me put this out there. Here are my trading results for the last 3 months, starting in April 2020. I have had some lucky big wins, I must admit, but I have learned how to trade profitably.

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My Results have NOTHING to
i was thinking about signing up but then i thought to myself to better do some due diligence first and saw your review. i was a bit sceptical as certain terminology he uses doesn't sound what an experience trader would use. but what about when he swipes his mobile mt4 to show he's real $5m account. how does he do that?


Hello , I just want to add to the discussion in regards to the Raphael Palmdale , everything that was mentioned is true. I am one of his 'students' of his fake course. He never interacts with students, the doesn't do live webinars, he refuses to check live charts, all he does is ' I am going long' ' I got kicked out, I will try again' , ' last chance I am going short now', ' the market is crazy, I am going long again' . Who in the right minds keeps jumping from one position to another? what kind of genius does that? what kind of genius refuses to do live webinars for his students nor even share a sample of his weekly setups? The little traders that are available there, were already trading before the course and decided to join because they thought they would learn a new strategy , they sure did , the bipolar strategy ! a lot of them left and created their own discord channel. SO yes he is a scam and I wish if all the positive fake reviews will be removed , no one reads the honest reviews they read the good ones, which were paid. he even pays students to post video reviews!


Bloody ****. I seen this guy over and over and joined his outer circle. And decided to join his masterclass. So ****ing regret I didn’t come here first before I signed up. Once I signed up and I seen the content. Damn the content are full of bull**** . There is no ****ing magic. It’s so basic and u could get all those from free website like babpips etc. even his content is copied and paste. ****. I am asking for refund and they ignored me. Now I am on to PayPal to get my money back. Somemore I only gone thru 8% of its content. By the look of the menu dropdown. All the rest are as bull hair as it’s sounds. No ****ing inner circle. Once u paid u are fuxking on your own.
The trade he took is more like any amateurs would take. Just that he is on bigger account. DO NOT PAY HIM THE MONEY.