Raphael Palmdale, A Scam Artist, Genius Trading Masterclass, A Scam Course


thank you so mich for the plain explanation. I was about to buy his course. You really helped me out to save some money. Any suggestions of courses which are legit and honest? Thank you in advance mate!


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thank you so mich for the plain explanation. I was about to buy his course. You really helped me out to save some money. Any suggestions of courses which are legit and honest? Thank you in advance mate!
Cannot say any that are buddy. Seems to all be scammers out to get your money


Well Well Well, I was going to do this review after a while to capture my journey step by step, but since this scammer continues to sell his courses for 1300USD!!, and new people are signing up every day, I thought I would do a review now, hopefully saving someone their hard-earned money.


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Before I start, let me put this out there. Here are my trading results for the last 3 months, starting in April 2020. I have had some lucky big wins, I must admit, but I have learned how to trade profitably.

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My Results have NOTHING to do with Raphael's course/training or teaching. This is just to show you that I am a somewhat experienced trader and not a newbie. You can also search my name here on FPA or on Insta to see my results. What you are getting here is an honest opinion from someone who knows what they are talking about. I have nothing to sell you, I am not his competitor, so I have no reason to lie to you. I am investing my time to do a detailed review just so you can save your money, so hopefully, you will appreciate it and even if you are one his blind followers, read this with an open mind.

Its up to you, the reader, to decide whether you want to believe me, or one of his fanboys who are barely through demo trading and are defending him by writing positive reviews, which he asked them to write so they can win a giveaway! I mean at least wait till you you learn something that allows you to make your $500/1300/2500 or what ever you paid, back before posting a review :)

I was already quite profitable when I bought his course and wanted to take my trading to the next level. I was sucked in by his advertisement of massive profits on his free telegram channel, how he was boasting about being part of the inner circle can really change your trading, how 1-1 support and mentorship is available, how this RRRICH split is a Game-Changing money management system etc. All Lies, absolutely all of them. I paid $500 for his course as no one else was buying it at the time so he dropped the price, but now, when he has a lot of innocent lambs falling for him to be slaughtered, the price currently is at $1388! Some even paid $2500! I think the price is bouncing off the 61.8% Fib :)

Anyway, I am not going to accuse him of using a demo account as I have no proof. I can make an educated guess, so can you based on the information I give you. He may have a real 5 million account, nerves of steel to trade 1000 lots, he may make millions, but will buying this course make you a profitable trader? The answer is a Big Fat NO. Is this course a Scam to get more and more people to buy the course so he can make thousands from it? The Answer is Most Likely YES given the self-promoting, lies about inner circle success, no 1-1 support, no Analysis, getting newbies to post youtube reviews with promises of a money giveaway, offering promo codes to those who do video reviews so they can get a commission when new people sign up, using any opportunity to use good trading results of members (including mine) to advertise how well the inner circle is doing, but not helping the many who are struggling etc He doesn't even practice what he preaches. How can he be an ideal mentor to you when his trading style is completely opposite to what he teaches?

Some points for your consideration:
  1. There is no inner circle. When I joined many months ago, there was hardly anyone talking in the price-action channel in his Discord group. There are 600 people signed up to his service now, mostly newbies. He has let it to run wild by itself with no admin, coaches, mentors taking part. Do you think he can personally mentor all 600? You will get all sorts of attention, like I did before I joined. Fast responses, links to inspirational videos and quotes and you will think, wow this guy is good. Once you sign up, the responses are slow and eventually die out. So many have complained including me. His excuse? I am human, I am busy, give me time but he has lots of free time to do parties, make videos to get more people to sign up and do all sorts of crazy stuff. You are running a business, be there for your people. If it's too much, close the gates and focus on existing clients. But no, he continues to promote his services and many people are signing up every week. Makes me sad hence this review. Once you are in, you just have to find your own way. Value for money you think ?
  2. There is no analysis given by him, no weekly calls, or zoom meetings, no charts or a week look ahead, despite his students asking him for over 2 months from what I can see. Does a real mentor do that?
  3. The course content is stolen from MissionFX. The layout, structure, headings and even the Refunds policy is copied. I know because I have done MissionFX course. See this funny video where Nick calls him out . What kind of FX Guru will be incapable of writing his own course or better yet, his own refunds policy? You can say oh he copied the refunds policy no big deal but if you look at the course content, its roughly the same. You can compare the headings before purchase. Not an exact copy, but the majority of it is. Raphael probably bought Nick's course and got inspired to cash in by creating his own course.
  4. The quality of videos in his course is rubbish. The sound quality is terrible, he sounds very high on something or un-interested in most of it. At least buy some decent equipment and structure your content properly, be enthusiastic about it. Nothing revolutionary in it. If you complete the BabyPips course, watch youtube videos and just complete MissionFX free course, you will be good to go. The price of $1300 is an extortionate price to pay for this content especially when there is no mentoring or help after you buy. Take it from me, I learnt NOTHING new in his course. So if you are a total newbie, of course you will see some stuff explained nicely, but if you do your research, you can get it from free sources everywhere on the internet.
  5. The RRRICH split is nothing but trying to break your lot size down into 3/4/5 parts and take more positions when you go into drawdown. If you hit SL, you keep your risk low, but if they all hit TP, you can get a decent profit. There, I told you the revolutionary RRRICH split. Enjoy your millions!
  6. He also offers an Algo to trade with. I haven't seen anyone make money with it. The algo trading channel is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop in it, if someone goes there to drop a pin that is. It doesn't work. No one uses it. It is so rubbish that I won't spend time on it.
  7. Now his personal trading style. Heavy Lot sizes (100 to a 1000 lot!) targetting 10-15 pips. He shares his trades. These are not signals for you to follow (but many do and I have seen them blow their accounts as it mostly goes wrong) but it always typically goes like this. Example. "I am buying Gold/USDCAD/DOWJONES/DAX (He mostly trades this). I think it's going down. OK I am in. Its gone the other way so I am scaling in (Using RRRICH split to add more positions), I think it will go down, I am giving it a LAST CHANCE (final warning to the market to scare it to go down), Seems its not going down, I am hedging with a bigger position (Buying now with an even bigger position, A very risky option that can blow your account), and finally I am closing with a loss (which could be 250K, 500K). Oh its moving again, I am back in..." If it goes well, he can make 250K, 500K in a day. Does the above sound like a typical trading day for you? Is this something a decent trader would do or what a Gambler will do? Don't believe it? See for yourself below.
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  8. All the positive review you see on his Youtube are either Paid Actors, or Newbies being asked to post a review with a promise of a Money Giveaway (If you post a video review, he will select 3 random people to give $100 or $500 etc). You can see giveaway videos on youtube as well. All these newbies with 2-3 months of experience think they have access to a Holy Grail of trading. They put great reviews because the Guru is dangling a carrot infront of them to win some money. Doesn't that sound dodgy to you? How can you trust in reviews of people who are still learning and not actually making any real money ? Sure one or 2 will get lucky, but you judge something based on how the majority is doing, and most of the 600 people signed up are not profitable.
  9. See this paid actor, ZoCompton. Never seen him on discord, never contributed by showing any analysis, made a handful of posts in total, but here he is promoting Raphael's course and oh yeah, he also has a Promo Code (He gets a commission if you buy the course using his link). On top of this, you say anything bad about Raphael, he suddenly appears lol and the discord also gets so busy and active with people defending him. We think, whoa, who are you and where did you come from. Still think everything is legit? I am not Kevin who posted the comment below btw :), This comment was later deleted by Mr Zo obviously! Very transparent and legit. Bravo!
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  10. Two of his so-called students are making money. Hannez, who is also on Insta and has a Half a million trading account yet has never been active in inner circle. Never attended the discord channel or made any contribution to it. Peter who apparently is a wizard that can turn $1 into unlimited money, $100 into $30000, flips his accounts at will has also never been active until recently Raphael thought of a "Genuis way" to make more money. ( I think thats where the Genuins Trading comes from, Genius ways to Scam you and make you lose your money. That's is his profit by simple mathematics guys!!). He gave Peter his own analysis channel few days ago (and a promo code to get $50 off the course obviously) and started using him to promote his course even further. Anyone who you see in his free telegram making lots of money, is not active in inner circle. Sometimes we used to think who are these people making so much money yet we never see them. If you are a new trader buying the course, the first place you will visit is chat rooms to discuss/collaborate/run ideas around. You won't hide in a cave studying the course alone and then post results of doubling your account to Raphael? Does this not sound dodgy to you? If you really think you can flip accounts like this by learning this course, as he is advertising, you need to have a cold shower and then slap yourself to come out of lala land.
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  11. Some people got sick and tired of his attitude and unwillingness to help. They figured out they have been scammed. They complained and were kicked out/banned. They posted negative reviews on TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy to show their disappointment and to warn others. I agree with them. What does the Raphael do? Ask his followers to "Get his reputation back". He asks them to post good reviews about him to get his ratings up. And yes, you guessed it right, there will be a giveaway for those who post good reviews. Suddenly you see all these poor lambs positing Positive Reviews filling up TrustPilot. Do you not see how this scammer is manipulating you? The negatives are not from haters, or people who cannot be bothered to put the effort in, it's from people like me who have tried and tested his ways, spent months in his channels, we can see him for what he is, a Scammer. If you think you know more than me, please post a result of your real money trading history and let's have an honest discussion of how he helped you make that money?
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  12. What happens if you ask your mentor to help you as you are really struggling and can't get hold of him, he asks you to Go F**K Yourself. Very Nice! Still want this guy as a Mentor?
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  13. oh and btw, I got lucky and got my money back yay!
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  14. Lastly, If your eyes have opened and you paid by Paypal, you cannot get your money back anymore. Some people have asked for refunds and Paypal have issued a few refunds (I got my money back) but are mostly siding with the scammer. They class it as educational content with no refunds allowed. If you paid by Card, call your bank to do a Chargeback. If you still want to buy this course despite my best efforts to stop you, pay with a Credit/Debit card and when your eyes open a few months down the line, you can possibly do a Charge Back by calling your bank. You can thank me later.


As I was about to finish writing the review. He seems to have had a change of heart and apologised to everyone who he banned and is giving them refunds. Do you think he has turned into a Saint? Nope. He realises the problems negative reviews were causing his reputation so this is Hush Money to make them go away. It also comes with a condition to delete your negative review. He has worked out that by refunding a few thousands he can make the negative publicity all go away, which might have discouraged new signups. He has a frequent supply of people willing to pay him $1300 - $2500 for a course, he can make it back within a week. So don't fall for this generosity or crocodile tears, I can see right through it, Can you?

Still reading and I haven't changed your mind? Ask him to close new signups, focus on existing 600+ clients, train people up to become profitable traders, make some of them admins/mentors/coaches to help others which will free him up and then when he has a good Mentor to Newbie ratio, only then get more people in. Focus on the quality of education, stop the scamming ways, stop begging for reviews, trade like the way he teaches etc etc

I know he won't but you have all the facts, it's your decision now.

All the best.


He is good trader man !