Rebate Forex for United States Citizens?


I am currently looking online and seeing that there is the ability to receive a rebate of around .70 pips rebate per open to closed transaction for everyone except primarily the United States Citizens.

I am looking to see if I can get a clarification of one of two things:

1. Is there any rebates available for the United States Citizens who trade.

2. Why is it so difficult to find any company that openly allows this rebate for the United States... (I.E. any ways around this problem legally speaking?)

Any and all advice would be appreciated on this matter.

I see myself on a daily basis trading around 400,000 lots per day when I am actively trading.. I may be exaggerating some I'm sure, but I didn't know about this concept until now and I was trading off and on for about 5 years give or take some time.

Very Respectfully,


4Xangels Representative
Please clarify:

Are you looking for a broker that is regulated in the US?

There are brokers that accept US clients and offer competitive rebates, but they are not regulated in the US. We realize there are many unsafe brokers and you must be very careful.
We at could support you receiving good rebates and making sure that your money is safe. If you would like send me an email to and I would be glad to assist you with all the information.