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Discuss RebateFX.com

General discussions of a financial company
The RebateFX website update has been completed to serve you better!

We have updated the site software from manually edited html, to a new CMS to enable easier site updates. The signals blog is now integrated into the main site seamlessly and will also serve as a RebateFX admin news portal. We also have a snazzy new web 2.0 logo! :)

Feel free to visit the new site at RebateFX Forex Rebates and give us your opinion!

Here are today's signals as posted in the RebateFX Signals Blog.

Buy @1.3035 SL1.2957 TP1.3085
Sell @1.2957 SL1.3035 TP1.2907

Buy @1.5643 SL1.5563 TP1.5693
Sell @1.5563 SL1.5643 TP1.5513

Buy @136.47 SL135.68 TP136.97
Sell @135.68 SL136.47 TP135.18
Just in case you haven't noticed already, RebateFX now has a Live Chat function provided by Woopra which will enhance the support service that RebateFX can offer all current and future clients with instant help at hand just when you need it!

To check it out, go to RebateFX Forex Rebates and look for the live chat widget in the bottom right of the window.

Just like our parent broker FXOpen, RebateFX is dedicated to making improvements in the service offered to give you the best trading and support conditions that you deserve.

Jafar Calley
RebateFX Manager
Good Morning and all the best of Ramadan to you all. Here are the signals for today. Like yesterday, use 25 pip trailing stops to protect against ranging.

Buy @1.3147 SL1.3074 TP1.3197
Sell @1.3074 SL1.3147 TP1.3024

Buy @1.5837 SL1.5754 TP1.5887
Sell @1.5754 SL1.5837 TP1.5704

Buy @112.36 SL111.50 TP112.86
Sell @111.50 SL112.36 TP111.00

Buy @135.28 SL134.38 TP135.78
Sell @134.38 SL135.28 TP133.88

Buy @1.6647 SL1.6570 TP1.6669
Sell @1.6570 SL1.6647 TP1.6520

As posted today on the RebateFX Signals Blog!
Buy @1.2878 SL1.2816 TP1.2928
Sell @1.2816 SL1.2878 TP1.2766

Buy @1.5581 SL1.5519 TP1.5631
Sell @1.5519 SL1.5581 TP1.5469

Buy @110.06 SL109.39 TP110.56
Sell @109.36 SL110.06 TP108.89

Buy @82.95 SL82.34 TP83.45
Sell @82.34 SL82.95 TP81.84

Buy @133.11 SL132.40 TP133.61
Sell @132.40 SL133.11 TP131.90

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January 2011 Rebates have been paid.

Welcome to the new trading year. Volatility is up providing us with many trading opportunities.

Thanks to all RebateFX Traders and here’s looking forward to another year of business together!
February 2011 Rebates have been paid like clockwork as usual.

The amount of payments this month were more than usual so if anybody was missed due to the extra workload, please email me on admin@rebatefx.com to have the error rectified.

Jafar Calley
RebateFX Manager
May 2011 Rebates have been PAID.

This means that more than 300 traders just got money in their accounts from RebateFX!

Open your FXOpen account with RebateFX today to get 0.5 pips non ECN rebates or 10% ECN commission rebates!

RebateFX is the industry's foremost rebates provider not only giving you money every month direct to your trading account, but also giving you 1st rate support that is second to none.
RebateFX Forex Rebates