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Rechard Salmon from GoldCrudeResearch doesn't want you to read reviews for his company

Discussion in 'Scoundrels' started by AsstModerator, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. AsstModerator

    AsstModerator FPA Forums and Reviews Admin

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Rechard Salmon from GoldCrudeResearch
    doesn't want you to read reviews for his company

    In August, a reviewer submitted GoldCrudeResearch,com to the FPA's reviews. The review was 1 star and said...

    Earlier here in forum someone mentioned about gold crude research signal provider from India but i just wanted to warn everyone don't get into their trap as they are scammer and you will only loose money on their trade signal as well your membership fees . They are pretending to be having office in london and USA but all call are diverted to India and group of fraudster sitting in India will scam your money . I am reporting a criminal proceedings against them in India as well in UK and USA with appropriate authority for appropriate action .Person dealing India is Mr Rohit Sharma and he told me he lives in Udaipur Rajstahan. Where as office address is in Indore MP .I have paid him $200 dollar equivalent Indian rupees and within a week he fail to give me any correct signal and I was dissatisfied with his service and ask for refund but he refused to do so because he just wanted to conned me.I have whatsapp message transcript which provided as a evidence against him .

    The only other review which came in was a 5 star review a month later claiming to be from France. It really was submitted from India, so was automatically rejected as a location mismatch.

    Whether a company has good reviews or not, the FPA wants to know more. Since Gold Crude Research offers signals, Anita sent an invitation for the company to join the FPA's Performance Testing Program.

    The initial discussions were pleasant. Rechard from GoldCrudeResearch asked where the submission form was located. Rechard also created a forums account with the username rnsharma1993. He then connected it to the GoldCrudeResearch.com review page to become a representative in the FPA's reviews. The account was registered from India, but not from the same location as the 5 star review which failed moderation.

    Then, without warning, instead of finishing up on submitting an account for testing, Rechard asked Anita if the FPA was registered with any regulators. Anita explained that as a forums and reviews site, registration is not required.

    Rechard's response was...

    "Hello Anita,
    Kindly remove our review page from your website we do not allow any 3rd party company who is using our company name wothout permission or which is not registered with any financial authority or regulation, otherwise we are able to take legal action.
    I hope you understand will revert back

    Dealing with legal threats is one of the things I do. I emailed to Rechard on October 2nd...

    "Hello Rechard,

    I am in charge of the FPA's forums and reviews.

    The Forex Peace Army is a reviews site. A reviewer submitted your company so it was added. Since you offer signals, Anita was kind enough to suggest you join our Performance Testing program. You found this interesting enough to ask for more information.

    Now you are threatening to sue the FPA to have the review page removed. I believe the most likely reason is because someone left a 1 star review for you.

    The FPA has never removed 1 word while under legal threat. Instead, the FPA has a policy to publicize such threats. You can read more about that here...


    I will need you to permanently and irrevocably remove your legal threat by 5 PM New York time on Monday, October 10th.

    I also suggest you sign into your forums account and visit the review page. You can then leave a comment on the review to express any disagreements you have with the reviewer.

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon,

    Best regards,
    Bill K.

    There was no response, so I went ahead and added a warning note to the review page.

    On October 29th, Rechard from GoldCrudeResearch wrote back...

    "Hello Bill,
    This is final warning we are giving you kindly remove review page about our company hence we do not allow any 3rd party review without our permission, Therefore we are able to take legal action against forexpeacearmy.com
    Here is page - http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/12884/goldcruderesearch-forex-signals?per-page=25

    Kindly reply in 3 working days If there is no such action is take by you, we will take this matter in future.

    Thank You

    Rechard Salmon
    Director, Gold Crude Research Ltd

    My response...

    "Hello Rechard,I see the warning I placed on your review page was not enough. As soon as I have some tree time next week, I'll have to create a thread on your threat, post it in the Scoundrels folder, and do a mailing to the FPA's member list to warn them how hard you are working to make a single negative review disappear.
    If you permanently and irrevocably withdraw your threat before 5 PM New York time on Monday, it will save me a lot of work and save you the embarrassment you are earning for your company.


    This got 2 replies from Rechard...

    "Claim has beesn forwarded to DMCA and this one our 1st step to take down our review page soon you'll get notice"

    "We've E-mail List of all forex trader around the world If you want fight this way I've copied your E-mail Screenshot soon we are starting shooting E-mail to all trader against you how you ask for payment to company to make review revel will be soon front of you and also our add is running at investing.com right now we are making one more live add against you with all the proof I've given order to my IT team they are making similar website same as like you and we will share how you people are fake , without any registration and without any proof , We applied legal action today against Forexpeacearmy notice you will get till Monday or tuesday maximum,"

    My response...

    "Hello Rechard,

    Do you really believe an author filing a DMCA could get Amazon to remove reviews for a book?

    Are you smart enough to realize that Trip Advisor does not need permission from hotels and restaurants to have review pages? You do realize that Trip Advisor doesn't require either a hotel or restaurant license to publish those reviews, don't you?

    I've dealt with threats like yours before. I'll deal with them again. In the meantime, I'll happily publish all of your threats and am ready to deal with any legal actions you might try to take.

    I wonder what Investing.com would think of an advertiser trying to blackmail a review site with a threat of a negative advertising campaign. I think I'll have to ask them.


    And now he decided to shift gears...

    "Well, soon I'll send you link about your website which we are publishing on our website and also I would like to inform you that we've contact to instaforex also about same topic they are also agree to take action against you we found your pic with all the details about you how you people blackmailing to broker and other investing companies Our developer team is developing a new website which is related to your domain soon we will publish and we've complete database of your all user if you want I can send it to you with E-mail ID and also we have complete E-mail Database of all the trader around the world who is trading in Forex hence we are signal provider so we have complete database of all trader, let me know how you would like to go,
    Would you like to fight with me via IT expertise ?
    We've SEO specialist team and we are running IT company also with 55 Employee we know how to take down any website SEO or all the thing
    let me know how you would like to go ?

    My reply...

    "So you want to help spread lies about the FPA in conjunction with a famous scam company? The only blackmail the FPA ever did was to tell companies to pay traders what was owed or to have their theft of funds publicized to help protect others from being scammed.

    If you want to further damage your reputation by bragging about working with scammers, go ahead. If you want to show the world how dishonest you are post libel on your site, that's all the proof I need that you never had any lawyers. No ethical lawyer would advise in favor of posting libel.

    The only blackmail in the current situation is you trying assorted threats to hide a review page because an unhappy client decided to leave a review. From the level of your reaction, I think the client must have been very accurate.

    I'm done wasting any more time on you. Enjoy reading about your company in the Scoundrels folder.

    Now we can all sit back and wait to see how Rechard uses his vast army to attack the FPA. While we are waiting, the review page for GoldCrudeResearch.com is available for viewing HERE.
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  2. IrwanI

    IrwanI Sergeant Major

    Apr 4, 2015
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    Bring them down!Together we Strong.
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  3. kadari

    kadari Recruit

    Aug 18, 2016
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    Expose the damn scammer.before innocent investor got scam.
  4. Gladiator

    Gladiator Private, 1st Class

    Sep 30, 2016
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    Their attitude is sufficient to proof that they are scammers!
    Exposing them and warning investors before falling in their trap is the prime objective of FPA.
  5. neric

    neric Private, 1st Class

    Oct 11, 2016
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    I'm surprised that you don't get offered bribes from Binary Options companies every day. Tradorax tried to bribe me to remove a review from binaryoptionsthatsuck.com and even drew up a contract for me to sign. Of course, the contract said that I would have to remove the review before they paid me. Yeah, right! I told them to get lost!
  6. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    This Rechard Salmon (or is it Rechard N Sharma, based on his forums username?) is either stupid, crazy, or both. Let's summarize how lame each of his emailed threats is:

    1. Take down the review page because your site isn't regulated for reviews or I'll take legal action. That's an idiotic argument. Review sites get to chose which companies they review and are not regulated. The fact he signed up as a reviews rep would also imply permission, even though permission is not needed.

    Imagine if movie producers could limit which movie critics and fans could post reviews - and sued any company which dared to use the movie's name in a bad review. I wonder if any of them ever threatened the Internet Movie Database over being listed, and claimed it was because the IMDB didn't have a license to make movies? :p

    2. Third parties need out permission to use our name. Take down the review page and discussion thread or else! As above. If review sites can only post reviews with permission of the companies, this allows scammers to flourish by preventing victims from giving honest reviews.

    I personally prefer Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi. I can freely post this opinion without permission from either company. If I find a softdrink review site, I can go into detail about the reasons for my opinion. That review site also does not need permission.

    3. Threatens a DMCA. Laughable. The FPA is using a name for ID purposes andd has a tiny thumbnail to further confirm the ID of the site in question. Both of these are simple fair use and don't infringe on the intellectual properly of the un-intellectual Rechard. :p

    4. Threatens to inform his vast client base and to run negative ads. Judging from the Alexa ranking (bouncing up and down around 1 million) for GoldCrudeResearch,com, I'd guess his client base is a few hundred people at most. No legit investment site would accept attack ads of the sort Rechard is trying to blackmail the FPA with.

    5. Threatens to ally with scammers. Threatens to post libel. Threatens to use his vast database of traders. Threatens to use his vast SEO powers. Clear evidence that he's a scammer at heart and not only wants to hide the truth about himself and his company, but also wants to spread false allegations about any company that won't hide the facts about him. Alexa rankings show he doesn't have any large client list and has no compeltent SEO experts on staff.

    Based on all of the above, Rechard has gotten through life for far too long by using hollow threats to manipulate people and try to hide the facts about himself and his company. If he'd been smart, he'd realize that any serious review site can't bow to the sorts of threats he's used elsewhere.

    I'll bet Rechard is currently desperately searching for some new threat which will finally make the FPA take down that review about how bad the services of Gold Crude Research are. Unfortunately for him,there isn't one.
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  7. Eric Ilevbaodion

    Oct 12, 2011
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    Gold crude defence and threat holds no water. Their bragging is to lure other traders to finacial trap, let members beware
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  8. shanas

    shanas Recruit

    Sep 25, 2016
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    who is this Reachard? dont wory guise
  9. paulm1162

    paulm1162 Sergeant

    Dec 17, 2013
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    This guy is clearly an imbecile, imagine claiming to have the email address of every forex trader in the world .....what a p***k.
    I loathe scammers with a vengeance,
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  10. Dragonslipper

    Dragonslipper Corporal

    Feb 25, 2016
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    Another uneducated, illiterate con artist whose only education is how to steal, manipulate and threaten. A flea bitten rat would be an equal comparison.

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