Rechard Salmon from GoldCrudeResearch doesn't want you to read reviews for his company

After attempting to read the website of GoldCrudeResearch,com, I feel slightly dizzy and would never return again. All the "signals" (excuse the pun) are there to tell anyone that this is a fraud i.e excessive self-promotion, data overload, web design with no savvy or read-ability. It looks more like a garbage bin full of every buzz-word and CFD-/forex-related concept which inspires no confidence and tells the reader to run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. There is a mental problem with the people behind GoldCrudeResearch,com and anyone who would pay for their services should immediately cease any attempt to trade CFDs or Forex for, if a person demonstrates bad judgment in choosing a signla provider, what hope do they have in taking the right judgment during a trading session.

Look at the Careers page of this scammer website.

Looking to hire 10 MBA grads so that's a payroll of at least usd$1,000,000 and probably more and the people at cannot even use the English language correctly?

Connect the dots and you see Swiss cheese not a world class signals company.
2 more reviews came in. One passed the FPA's review moderation process. It came from the UAE and said...

bad company, bad signal, bad service. do not go for, they are fraud. They are only indian running scams from india.

Then there was another "client" review which failed. It claimed to be from London, but was really from an anonymous proxy in the Netherlands...

I don't this so this website is scam I'm working with them since 2 month I paid for Forex HNI package and didn't ever get any trouble
I meet to one of their staff in India when I visited last month and also here in London I visited their office and seem good and no scam
Thank You

I strongly doubt GoldCrudeResearch has an office in London. At best, I think they may have a single telecommuting employee. Personally, I suspect the entire company is nothing but Rechard and maybe a couple of part timers or freelancers.

Take the UK phone number for this scammer and then plug it into google search. First, the telephone prefix 01744 is not London and no address comes up in the search. Also,k study carefully the language the fool is using.... Nothing fits. Been with them for 2 months and already met them twice on 2 different continents. No sophisticated investor paying for premium services will ever be so illiterate. All the evidence points to a ship of fools at
It is said that any publicity is better than no publicity at all...... this seems to be true everywhere except FPA where Mr Rechard Salmon should taken some advice before opening his yap. Never start a battle you cannot win and never make a threat you cannot follow through with.

Seems Mr Rechard has become a damp squid.

I vote for the establishment of the Bill K retirement fund for working tirelessly to save people from themselves and never getting paid. I guess I need to add him to my endless list of people for whom I need to setup a free client account on my PAMM platform (oh and I do make consistent profits and never losses......)
There are some very profound and counter-intuitive dynamics about the Forex business that are opposite of what we all know about the world of business. In Forex:-
1. The more money in your account, the lower the risk whereas it is always the case that the more one invests in any project, the higher the risk
2. There is no competitive disadvantage or threat to me or anyone whether I have 3 clients on my PAMM platform or 3000 so I gain nothing (financially or otherwise) by closing my door
I was certainly not implying that FPA accepts bribes. I was only questioning the amount of bribes that must have been offered to them by scam binary options companies.

I did mean to infer that you are saying they would, only agreeing that they would not.

Cheers :)