Recovery room scam spammed into a Scam Alerts thread.


Recovery Room Scammer
I invested $9,000 into my Broker account and after 2 months I had lost over 80% of my tradings and ended up with even bigger debts than i than before. I got bonuses from my broker that made withdrawing and cashing out my remaining funds almost impossible…i had bills to pay and my credit card was almost maxed out…i scouted the internet and met a lot of people for help but it was fruitless. i lost all hope to get my money until i stumbled across a review posted by Dr Blake Hopkins and my story changed. He helped me get my funds from my broker. After 2 weeks of intense training with him i started earning over $2,300 every day with his new trading strategy. I and my sister have moved into our new home, I have cleared my bills. I can now pay my little sister’s college bills. All thanks to Dr. should write him:

Spam Cat thinks if Dr. Blake was such a good guy, you wouldn't have spammed about him inside someone's Scam Alerts thread. Spam Cat thinks you are nothing but a recovery room scammer trying to steal more money from those who have been scammed. Spam Cat will now bake you and eat you.

Nom nom nom.