Recovery Room Scammers who spammed the FPA


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The FPA is being overrun by Recovery Room Scams. I was banning 4 or 5 per week. Lately, it's been closer to 20 per week.

How they work is simple. There's a website, an email address, or other contact information that offers hope for a free, fast recovery of the money the scammers took from you. Claims of success are big. Details are small. Some claim to have lawyers. Some claim to be hackers. Some claim to work for regulators. They are all lying.

If you contact them, it may be free at first, but sooner or later you'll need to pay money. It could be a fee, a tax, a deposit in another broker. No matter what, you'll have to pay something so that your stolen money can be returned to you. There's only one catch. You won't get your original lose back or any of the new money you pay. When you finally give up and realize you've been scammed, someone will contact you offering to help get that lost money back too. It's another recovery room scam designed to steal more money from you.

Real Help

There are a very small number of companies I know that do work to help people get money back. They have one thing that clearly sets them far apart from recovery room scams. They don't submit fake posts claiming to be happy clients of the service. I won't name them in this thread to avoid linking them with the scams. Instead, I'll give you links to FPA threads about each one...

If you used a credit card, I know of a chargeback service that has helped a number of FPA members. CLICK HERE to learn more about them,

If you are either a European citizen having issues with a regulated broker anywhere in the world or a citizen of any country having issues with a broker regulated in Europe, CLICK HERE to learn about a law firm that's had some successful recoveries.

Real Fraud

The FPA is getting more and more recovery room scammers coming here to hunt for new victims. They try to leave reviews. They try to post in the forums. They try to contact people using private conversations.

Sometimes instead of deleting the spams, I've been editing the contact information and approving them. I wanted people to see examples of these scam offers. The recovery room scammers didn't take the hint and kept spamming. You can see examples HERE and HERE.

All of them want one thing. To remove more money from victims of scam. Victims are often desperate for help, which makes them easy targets for lying thieves.

Some are very persistent. The first one on the list below has been spamming for months finally pushed me over the edge. I'm now going to start listing these scam websites, emails, and other contact information here. Do not visit these sites or contact anyone listed below unless you want to be scammed.

If any of these people or websites wants to dispute their listing, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

I am listing the information here to provide a quick way for people to find out the names and contact information of some of these scammers. I plan to edit this once every week or so to add the newest ones. Occasionally, I may add some older ones as I come across them again.

Recover Room websites

Do NOT visit these sites. They cannot help you and only want to steal from you.
- one of the most persistently spammed recovery room sites
barakielconsultant - spammed forums and sent PMs to multiple users (International Recovery Agency) Domain registered on March 9, 2020, site spammed to the FPA on March 10, 2020
- same fake postal address as and

Do NOT visit these sites. They cannot help you and only want to steal from you.

Email addresses and other contact information associated with recovery room scammers

Do not contact these people. They only want to steal more money from you.

Engr David Briggs -

Do not contact these people. They only want to steal more money from you.
Mr Derrick Glenn -

Do not contact these people. They only want to steal more money from you.
+15623847738 - tried to spam 30 review pages
+1 516 494 0313

Do not contact these people. They only want to steal more money from you.

This thread is only for information I've personally seen tied to spamming for these services at the FPA.

Please DO NOT reply to ask if a website or person is a recovery room scammer or not in this thread. If you do, your post will be deleted. If you just have to ask if it's a scam or not, use the Has Anyone Heard Of? folder to ask. If you've been scammed by a service like this or not, make a thread about it in the Scam Alerts folder.

If some new member messages you about some fast and easy way to recover your money, don't reply. Hit the Report Abuse button. If you see an offer of quick and easy recover in the forums, hit the Report Abuse button. That's the fastest way to get those accounts banned and get them onto the list.

If you are a recovery room scammer, please be stupid enough to spam this thread about your scam service. I'll be happy to to ban you and feed you to Spam Cat. Then I'll add your information to the list.


Thank you for your advice, I didn't post any in incident recently.
I had been scammed by many people but I didn't post.


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I can usually tell by what email provider they are using. Not too many companies use Gmail as their internal company email. Thanks for all this info!!