Regal options a real withdrawal scam


I was told by regal options that they have binary robots software where we can make lots of money, I opened account with USD500 and kept on Autopilot, later on I lost almost $300 to $350 then i was called by act manager Kim Vargas and was told to deposit $500 so that she would teach how to trade i trade with insurance money, so whatever trade i did would be covered under insurance and that I would not loose money again, and i was told to deposit $500 again, some how by trading option i earned some money with not much support or assistance, My account showed a balance of USD 3005/- I needed money , so I put withdrawal request 24.10.14 which showed an eligibility for withdrawal USD 2505, so I withfrew USD 1500.00 I was told I would receive money in 14 days, which they initially told was 5 working days, I have sent several email to them then I get receive email stating my withdrawal request is rejected, I chat with support team to ask the help and also requested act manager to call but no one called. I tried calling office but no one respond
ireceived an email that i had a balance of USD 1210/- now they are telling it USD 490/-
SandraSupport Agent

Sandra Hello Kevin. How may I help you?
Kevin Hi
Sandra Hello how may I help?
Kevin on 24.1.114 my balance was 3005 and withdrawal amount was usd 2005/- now how it has become usd 490/- can you explain
Sandra Can you provide me with your account number please.
Kevin 3586281
Sandra Thank you.
10:56 pmKevin i depoisted USD 1500/- till date
10:57 pm i have free insurance trade till date which was unutised
Sandra Your account balance is 1700.00 USD

Kevin hallo can you answer me what is happening, i have not received any money still my balance got reduced , my account manager is not calling i have sent so manny reminders since last 10 days, I was pulled into telling the binary software using your platform is good and i would make lots of money, after losing some money in auto trade i was called by account manager stating if i invest with insurance i would earn more money, so i deposited twice, some how by trading my account balance was USD 3005/-, as i had family problem i put withdrwal for USD 1500/- since then my balance got reduced. i dont know why
now i get email that my account balance is futher reduced to USD 490/- how ?
Is your company cheating sincere people when they ask witgdrawal request
Sandra Sir can you provide me with a valid phone number please.
Kevin what should i do i have my family problem
Sandra I can understand that you may have a family problem but there is nothing we can do about that. I am very sorry.
11:20 pmKevin my mob no. is 971556300876 kim kows it first she was so nice and at her request i deposited money now when i need her she is not calling i am feeling frustrated with all such problems
11:21 pmif she is a true person why sge fears calling me

Sandra Okay Sir what I am going to do is forward your request but that is all I can do.
Kevin` THere is no one in your company who can solve my genuine problem. i feel cheated
Sandra Sir I am telling you that your Personal Account Manager who is Rick James right now will take care of your account.
Kevin but why not kim she is the person who knows thing better, or is she afrIad to face the truth
o Sandra Sir it doesn't depend on me. I will do the best I can for Kim to contact you but I cannot promise anything.
o Kevin k pls tell her to call me there is god to see everything
o 11:29 pmSandra Okay.
o 11:30 pm So is there anything else that I can assist you with right now Sir?
First step is go send them email or chat with them with livechat on their website and invite to this thread.
I have also used Regal Options... they are proper crooks. Their withdrwal process is to cumbersome. By the time they actually come around to it you lost your money. I have sent a strong worded letter to cysec about them. Do not use their bots. I have tested this myself and realise that it is designed to loose 90% of the time