Regular Posts. Journal of our automated scalping "Safe system #1"

-13,85% for today
-11,04% for the week

We have suffered heavy losses. Almost all of the positions taken tonight rapidly moved against us and triggered Stop-loss orders.

We are currently in uncharted waters of the markets, and we can’t stress this well enough. The world is rapidly changing right before our eyes.

Despite heavy back and forward testing, the market still can give us a hard time, as can be clearly seen.

We have warned our investors that the drawdown can reach 15-20%. There's no shame in falling. The key is in getting up.

We promised you that our system will never blow your account up, and we hold our word.
We could have cancelled stop losses and used dangerous methods to recoup the losses “just this one time” as many account managers do. But no dangerous methods, means no dangerous methods, period.

Now, what are we going to do about it.

We have a system in place that prevents further loses when the drawdown reaches a certain point. This threshold was not reached yesterday, but considering current market conditions, we will tighten it, so this kind of 1 time drops will be impossible in the future.

This is partially our fault, we should have predicted it, even though we have other protective systems in place and this was the last resort.

P.S. We will not hide, make excuses or downplay any situation. You can always count on our full transparency and honesty.

Thank you for your understanding. Take care of yourself, your loved ones and stay strong

Despite the recent disaster, we still stand on +31,92% since the full launch of the system on 02.12.2019

Which gives us ~8% return per month, which is still a good result.