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Vanuatu has become popular as a competitive way to obtain regulation needed to open a financial services company, mainly forex brokers. The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) is the government body that issues the necessary licenses (Financial Dealer License) to operate from the Vu.

How to Complain to the VFSC

Now the first step for a complaint should be to make full use of FPA's Trader's court. This allows you to create a scam alert, and to obtain wisdom from other senior FPA members regarding your specific situation. You will get a quick lesson on developing a proper timeline of alleged offenses and gather evidence to support your claims. This way, if you escalate the case to a regulator, you will be much better prepared.

Several of the links on VFSC website are broken or outdated and therefore the website can be a little tricky to navigate. So here are the important links I've gathered with relevant screenshot:

  • Current list of Financial Dealers Licensees (must check home page each month for updates)
  • regulatory rules and complaint forms
vanuatu vfsc registry search FxPIG sample.png
vanuatu vfsc contact us screenshot.png

I recommend sending complaint email to both registrar and info emails. Here are some other CC emails that I have had success contacting in the past (in the image).

vanuatu vfsc alternative contact emails.png vanuatu vfsc supervisory dept emails.png vanuatu vfsc registry officers contact email.png

Their reply schedule doesn't seem stellar. You may have to send a followup email in 1-2 weeks if you don't hear anything. It is a developing economy, so best wishes.


Vanuatu time zone is GMT/UTC +11. So keep that in mind when contacting their support staff.


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  • VFSC-Guidance-Notes-Addressing-Complaints-Against-a-Financial-Dealers-Licensee.pdf
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