Rentasignal scam


Banned for uncivilized conduct

Was a Signal Provider at RENTASIGNAL, a company service for autotrading, combining clients(subscribers) and traders(providers).
This company have been delaying my requested payment from 4 months till this date, each time with new excuse that convinces nobody.
The problem started when I first requested payment through Bank Wire Payment Method in 26 May 2012.
RENTASIGNAL Customer Service Representative named Carlos Terrón replied to say that the company process payments at 10-12 days of each month.
That's okay, in 10-12 July nothing happened, no money transfer to my account reached from Rentasignal.
Sent an email to the company in 15 June, the same 'Carlos' replied to say that the bank wire is being processed today and he'll get my information and send me it on Monday. But no email, no money nothing.
In 20 June sent an email asking why payment didn't reach yet to get an email later by another representative named Mateo Pereyra who said he will check my information and get back as soon as possible.
And, the same false excuses and delays kept running from there on till this date:mad:.
I have many evidences between my hands for the right time to provide all FPA members with.
Many of those evidences were sent to the NFA(National Futures Association) few days ago by Filing A Complaint there, where Rentasignal is registered.

To give a brief view of Rentasignal excuses and delays for all FPA memebers to be sure how this company is a SCAM.

After the replies from Rentasignal showing it in the previous sentences, always repeating that I will get my money soon and transfer is in process..
Rentasignal made other excuses and repeated it in different periods(just for more delays) about filling all boxes of bank wire transfer and personal info, despite I had already done that but just to walk with the cheater to see where they are going, gave them more chances to see what's the end of this RentASignal SCAM.

Checked all info again, updated it many times, they replied that everything is alright and payment was being processed again:confused:
To reach to this month last nonsense excuse was that they discovered that they can't make bank wire transfer to my country like the representative 'Carlos' told me few days ago and that he was translating what Rentasignal payment department told him to say and he asked about my paypal account(for new delays and nonsense) despite he had been following the problem from the start and knew that I have no paypal account and this service do not work in my country:confused:
At Rentasignal website, in your account, you enter either bank wire transfer or paypal account, when you enter one that means you want to get your money through this payment method not the other.
Told 'Carlos' to tell someone responsible in the payment department to call me or email me explaining why they can't send the money through bank wire transfer despite I deal with many companies and brokers and not ever one of them made such an excuse but always the money was transferred through bank wire in a smoooth process normally.
And still 'Carlos' or payment department' to be reach sometime in the future maybe!!!:D

Rentasignal 'Carlos' in his last message told me the amount I want from them but that amount was also deducted for mysterious reason and I have proofs what the actual amount must be.

Talking about amount of money and commissions a provider earn from Rentasignal subscribers to rent them signals. There's no way no possible ever way to know if the subscribers they say subscribed to your signal is the right quantity and if the money generated is the right amount of what the provider must get.
You never know how many trades the subscribers got, or the real amount of subscribers(but what they show you), no transparacy at all. Briefly, what Rentasignal want to give you from money is what you get but it's absolutely the wrong amount and the company changes the amount every sometime with useless excuses when you ask them.
However, not going into this Big Scam of commissions manipulation runned by this Scam Company but what they are now showing that I must get from commissions.

I'll surprise Rentasignal with more evidences at the right time that even NFA don't have:p.
To make it clear to Rentasignal that if they are thinking that because I gave them too much chances despite all their delays, that am a simple easy person to deal with and that they can easily not pay my money and run away as they had been surely doing to other clients and providers.:(
I will tell them that's the last dream Rentasignal will dream about. To make it more clear, it's not only about the money I want from you RentAsignal becuase that amount I make more than it from my daily trades, but about you Rentasignal trying to steal money from ME.:mad:

I will invite Rentasignal to this thread to show me their excuses publicly and let each party reveal what it has from proofs(if they have anything to say but excuses and delays again and again), giving FPA members the full freedom and variety of information to choose from, judging who's right in this case and who's not(if it's not clear yet;))

If Rentasignal want to prove it's not Scam, it must pay my money as soon as possible(not the same sentence you had been using for excuses) or else..

The Action just started:cool:


What country are you in? I know PayPal has issues with some countries, but the number of places that a US bank can't make a wire transfer to is very limited.


Banned for uncivilized conduct
Update of my case: Rentasignal transferred my 'ticket' to the 'DEPARTMENT Business Develop...':confused:(why not payment department!!, maybe next will be the Health Care department:p:D) but nothing changed other than that.
No email or message, no reply to this thread. I invited Rentasignal to this thread instantly after I created this thread yesterday.
Pharaoh, it was never about the payment method problem or country or whatever, it have been till this date about Rentasignal not willing to pay my money and this bank wire was its last excuses. You remember in another thread of other company(will not promote its name but you know the case), that company made another excuse but it already had said on its site that only transfer money via paypal(rarely via bank wire, unless it promises you that before) but when the thread about its scam was created at FPA, it transferred the money via bank wire in few days time it was in my bank account.
In this case, Rentasignal already gives 2 options, Bank Wire Transfer OR Paypal.

Will start the problem with evidences from where it started till this date, daily updates:

Back to first messages and dates in order:

My message:

26 May 2012 09:10 PM

Dear Carlos,

I had entered my personal & bank account information so you'll be able to transfer my commissions via bank wire.

I would like to know how much time will it take for the mission to be completed successfully?

Your concern is appreciated.

Rentasignal Reply:

28 May 2012 12:07 AM

Dear ...,

Payments are scheduled to be sent on 10th day of each month is labor day.
Sometimes takes 2 or 3 days deeding on the bank overseas, etc.

If you have payments to check from last April you should expect to receive on next Junes 12/13.

If you prefer Bank wire please remove PayPal information if exists.

Carlos Terrón
Customer Service Representative

My Message:

15 June 2012 07:46 AM

Dear Carlos,

Would like you to inform me(Date & Amount of money) as soon as you transfer my payment through Bank Wire as I had already entered my bank info and like you had said you process it at each month of 12/13 day, so the process must had been done I think.



Rentasignal message:

15 June 2012 12:53 PM

Dear ...,

I was informed Bank wire is being procesed today. I hope to have your information for Monday.


Carlos Terrón
Customer Service Representative

My Message:

20 June 2012 07:39 PM

Dear Carlos,

How did you close this case before informing me when will you send my payment and the amount as I requested you in my last week message??

What happened with my payment, where had the process reach now??


(A Note that before this message(in between it and his last message), 'Carlos' closed the ticket as if the payment had been sent and everything is okay, no need for ticket again:mad:)

Rentasignal message:

21 June 2012 01:57 AM
Dear ..,

We will check into your situation immediately and will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Mateo Pereyra

(New representative in the arena;))

Rentasignal & 'Mr. Mateo' had not check my situation, yet to!:confused: Long days to live:rolleyes: and check as much time as Rentasignal want. What do we have:D

From that last message of 'Mateo', 1 full week passed with no message, nothing from Rentasignal.
What happened in 28 June?, ofcourse was first my message in that day because if you want to wait for Rentasignal to send a message first, OH that's in another life time:)

Waiting for Rentasignal reply to this thread to tell us its excuses and delays, what more??


I'd still like to know the country. There are lists of where wires can and can't be sent and these do change from time to time. Here's a recent list:

Sanctions Programs and Country Information

I agree that the likely cause isn't some sort of government regulations, but want to eliminate that possibility.


Banned for uncivilized conduct
Update for this case of Rentasignal Scam: The company sent me a message today through its same 'Carlos Terron' in the language of threat and vulgarity.
He also looks responsible of all departments:rolleyes:, this time sent the message from the Business Department.

This is Rentasignal message:

20 September 2012 01:30 PM

I'm so sorry you choose that way even after so many contacts. Contacts having on bottom a confidential agreement.
That actions will take you to nowhere.

We do not accept any type of threat or pressure to negotiate.

Specially when fault comes from non reading: Frequently Asked Questions | Rent a Signal

Go for PayPal or provides us a Bank Account in some none banned country.

Carlos Terrón
Customer Service Representative

He means by ''on bottom a confidential agreement'' this: This information is intended only for the use of the person or entity shown above..etc
This e-mail contains confidential information belonging to It is strictly prohibited the unauthorized disclosure, use, dissemination or copying -either whole or partial- of this e-mail, or any information it contains.

As if am a kind of person who ever got afraid of some disclosure or words threat or even actions by anyone:mad: Try it on other people 'Carlos';)

When I talked in same high voice and strict language during giving my advice in other cases, some people and FPA members thought that only because its not my case, that's why my language is too powerful touching the red lines.
But like you see, even in my case, my language do not change, The Language Of Truth.

Pharaoh, Am asking for transfer of money to a Lebanon Bank Account. Not a big problem in giving a European Bank Account but that means exchange of currencies, fees..etc like you know.
The amount is $449.91, Rentasignal is saying $408, stole the rest amount, exchanging it to Euro and it will worth a penny for me.

I will be more happy to go further in this case and reveal Rentasignal Scam than going to the easy unknown unfruitful way, what's the real reason of not paying my money other than its may excuses and that Sanctions program do not work in practice for Lebanon Banks.

Before saying 'banned country', that is prohibited on you 'Carlos', must go ask the USA where you live in I think or just a foreign citizen like many others because your origin is Spain as it seems to be.
Ask the US Ambassadors who served in the US Embassy in Lebanon like especially Mr. Jeffrey Feltman to Mrs. Michele Sison to the current Mrs. Maura Connelly, Ask about the US Embassy in Lebanon that is the Biggest in the Middle East and their High Respect to Lebanon country.

Ask who honored Bank of Lebanon Governor in the New York Stock Exchange and in other occasions in the USA, in Europe and all over the world.

Ask about the BOL Governor Riad Salameh being the Chairman of the Special Investigation Commission fighting money laundering since its establishment in 2001.
Being the member of the board of governors in the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
More and More..

Ask about the cooperation between the US Treasury Department and Bank of Lebanon.

However, it's a shame that the Sanction program is not updated yet, but I will not go into politics for now.

The Sanctions program Rentasginal made an excuse about was last updated for Lebanon in 2010. Practically it do not exist, like when a Bank in the USA want to transfer money to a bank in Lebanon, the transfer is approved, transfer is DIRECT.

My proof of that, received recently a bank wire transfer from Bank Of New York to a Bank In Lebanon and if this case would reach a turning point that this proof will be important, I'll ask my bank for the transfer information to post it here at FPA.

FPA members can find Rentasignal Scam in this sentence of 'Carlos': Specially when fault comes from non reading: Frequently Asked Questions | Rent a Signal

You Rentasignal, your representative 'Carlos' and your whole payment department did not see that from 4 months till this date but gave non stop excuses and delays of money will reach my account on Monday(in June) to checking the transfer invoice to update again your personal and bank information to to to..Where you playing at that time searching for excuses that do not end!!
You are now asking me why I did not see that:mad:, You are a Joke Rentasignal:D That proves once and for all that you were just searching all the time for new excuses and what was better than your last excuse to run away and not pay my money.

And, Rentasignal giving the wrong amount of money for transfer deducting it with no explanation WHY?

Not to forget that Rentasignal company have no transparency at all, a provider can never know what's the real number of subscribers, the company changes the money amount every sometime with excuses like subscribers unsubscribed or did not pay for the month, not to also forgot subscribers that are hidden, you can never know about and how much traders they took from your open positions!!
Rentasignal Subscribers are given wrong prices, unrealistic ones and after much offences by clients, the company announced it will be adding 1 pip on price in order for prices to be realistic!!! What is this joke!! Complete Scam!

I did not open Rentasignal files yet about this Big Cheat they are running against its clients and it's a Big Shame how they are regulated under the NFA and they have no transparency at all.

To not make this post longer, will post other evidences of Rentasignal excuses and delays from where I stopped yesterday.


Banned for uncivilized conduct
We stopped yesterday at 21 June 'Mateo Pereyra' Rentasignal representative message where he said was checking about the situation!!
After 'Carlos' said in that previous week, will get my transfer info on Monday and disappeared from there to throw it on 'Mateo'.
From 21 June no message by 'Mateo' the 'imeddiately and soon as possible' guy:D

I sent a message in 28 June 2012 03:22 PM:

Dear Mateo,

Can you explain to me what does "immediately and soon as possible" mean in your vocabulary???

It had been another full week with no answer. I want a clear answer, what's going on?

Why my payment had not yet been proceeded and no clear reply too by you.


Rentasiganl reply

28 June 2012 11:18 PM

Dear ...,

We are contacting the corresponding areas in order to know how to proceed. The last information we had was that the transfer was being processed. Please wait for our response as we verify what could be the situation.

Best regards , Mateo Pereyra

You read it well FPA Members what he said was: 'the transfer was being processed'

There is no mistake or any excuse from Rentasignal now to turn the sentence words, it is very clear like Snow.

"'the transfer was being processed'

After that message from 'Mateo' in 28 June, what happened in 3 July?? A Secret Confidential Message, what was it??

Will leave it till tomorrow, gave much time for this thread today.


Those confidentiality notices on messages are generally for providing some leverage to keep an unintended recipient from spreading the information. As the intended recipient, there's no way they can legally prevent you from publicly sharing any of the contents.

On your next email to them, put a bunch of blank space below your signature and add something like this in small type:

By receiving this email, you agree that I may share any messages you send to me. You also agree to personally fly to my country and hand deliver all money owed to me.

After they write back, reply and tell them what they just agreed to.

Here's one thought - can you get a PayPal account outside of Lebanon?

Also, those sanctions on Lebanon are not universal. Details are here:

Contact the US Treasury as well as your Lebanese bank and ask them if there really should be any issues with money being wired from the USA. If you can find out what bank RentASignal uses, you can contact them too.


Banned for uncivilized conduct
US OFAC(Office of Foreign Assets Control)

Very Very Important Transformation in this case. Rentasignal took a Big Blow from OFAC.

I had already contacted the OFAC(Office of Foreign Assets Control) in the US Treasury Department and it was followed by a quick email from OFAC to my email address in a short period of time that increased my respect to it(will not mention names here:)).

OFAC had put an end for Rentasignal Scam and false excuses, especially the last one Rentasignal was basing on lately.

This is the email by OFAC:

Dear Mr. ...,

The Lebanon Sanctions are list-based, meaning U.S. persons are only prohibited from transacting, directly or indirectly, with any individual or entity appearing on the Specially Designated Nationals List (Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN)), the Annex to General License 8A, or any entity owned 50% or more by an individual/entity on the SDN List.

Best regards,
OFAC Compliance
Followed by another email:

Dear Mr. ...,

Please disregard the reference below to "the Annex to General License 8A," which only applies to the Libyan sanctions.

Best regards,
OFAC Compliance

You read it right FPA members, the transfer from a US Bank Account to a Lebanon Bank Account is ONLY prohibited when a US Person is sending money to another person in Lebanon(via bank wire transfer) or to any place in the world to whose name is listed in the "", which makes lot of sense because it's abnormal to prohibit transaction to a whole country just because of a small group found criminals or tracked by the US Treasury Department to fight money laundering.

OR, in another case, if a person sent money to by a US person owns 50% or more of a company(or related..) that is in the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN) list.

Ofcourse, My name is not in that list:D & do not own a illegal company or shares in companies that are working illegally, or OFAC could had acted quickly not to send me an email but to the Interpol directly, in a large search for ME:cool: but for sure they will waste their time, will not find me, have no prints in all countries I land on:p

Pharaoh, Thanks for the Good Tip but maybe it was better in a PM because Rentasignal had most probable read your post, no new reply by them and after this OFAC hit, they'll need more time to Wake Up:confused: to understand what happened;)

Will leave the Secret Confidential Message of July 3 to another day because Rentasignal had been hit hugely hard today, let us be kind and give them some rest for the next rounds.:D


Personally, I've always favored public humiliation for companies that misuse something like OFAC to avoid sending money to traders. :p

After all, there could be others who've had the same problem and fell for that excuse. Now a little time in Google may get them back on track fighting for their money.

Any chance you know what bank RAS uses for wires? If so, a note asking them to please inform RAS that you aren't an OFAC's list of "bad people who don't deserve money" would further deflate their argument. A similar note from your Lebanese bank would contribute further.

Please invite Rentasignal to join us in this thread. Let's see how effective an open discussion can be in correcting the situation.


Banned for uncivilized conduct
Today, I'll release a Secret Confidential Message of Rentasignal in a continuation of proving this company Scam and false excuses after being caught guilty in their basic excuse to not pay my money, when OFAC explained the real meaning of their sanctions program, how it works and on who.

First, Received an email from NFA saying that it's investigating about the complaint, there will be fees for filing a claim with NFA Arbitration Department(an option for me), and NFA asked me for some bunch of requests and questions to provide them with.
It's a long email content, if necessary to post its details will post later but the main points are the ones mentioned.

Here are some basic points:

- The Compliance Department conducts an investigation of your complaint and could ultimately contact the firm or take disciplinary action against the firm in the case that serious rule violations are discovered, the Compliance department is not able to directly get your money back.
- You have the option to file a claim with our Arbitration Department, which works separately from NFA's Compliance Department. Here is a link to NFA's Customer Arbitration page, Customers and the Code of Arbitration, NFA Manual / Rules. Also to point out, please be aware of the fees associated with filing an Arbitration claim (this information is contained in the Code of Arbitration)
After those comes the requests and questions(a dozen) to me involving the complaint against Rentasignal.

Pharaoh, I had invited Rentasignal to this thread at the same instant time the thread was created as my first post shows and their reply to my message was the threat and vulgarity message by its representative or owner(who knows what else!!) 'Carlos' shown in a previous post on this thread.

Am trying to find what bank Rentasignal deal with, but as my information says that all transfers are approved and pass through Bank of New York, regardless if the company or person has an account there or not.
Am sure that there's no problem in transfers from US Banks to Lebanon Banks or the other way, personally had transactions worked normally and there was a one that reached lately to my Lebanon Bank Account.

After OFAC clear explanation, there are no little doubts left that Rentasignal is scamming and my further proofs will give more sureness of my words if someone ever have any doubts!

Pharaoh said "there could be others who've had the same problem and fell for that excuse"

You'll be surprised that that's true, I have evidence of that with full name, will explode it at the right time as my evidences of messages advance.
You'll be more surprised that the Rentasignal excuse is the very similar to the many other excuses they gave me at past before this last false one!!

Rentasignal is not only manipulating subscribers numbers, market prices unreal, payments money but also not paying the clients money who had already been manipulated, confusing sentence maybe.

To make the sentence easier to understand, they show you the payment money that they want to give you but also don't pay you it..That's also confusing:confused::D

Simply:), Rentasignal is a Total Scam.