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Prime4x now tells me that they've hired additional staff to process overdue withdrawals.

If you have a withdrawal issued with Prime4x that is at least 2 weeks old, please report it in this thread.

Include your account number and the date you first requested the withdrawal. Include the dates of any follow-ups messages you sent about your withdrawal. If you feel comfortable sharing the info, please also include the amount of the withdrawal.

Send an email to Prime4x letting them know that you've posted about your withdrawal issue here. In the email (not here in the forums), include your LR or banking information so that there are no more reasons for delays in getting your money.

If you get your money, please either edit your post or leave a follow-up post. If your money doesn't arrive within 10 days, post again.

I expect to see most of these issues resolved in the next few weeks. If my expectations are not met, I expect that Prime4x will not be happy with my reaction.


Prime4X are liars

See my contribution "Prime4X does not pay back" in this thread. I can add that a friend of mine is waiting for a substantial withdrawal since September this year; I will encourage her to contribute to this thread.
The accountants department at Prime4X is a mess. I had my first warning when it took two months (!) to get my deposit booked on my trading account. At that time, mr Joe Adams of P4X picked up my case from the FPA forum and finally helped me but he seems disappeared now. Was he going after customer's interests too much?

Update 21-Nov:

Since my first post, I had some more e-mails with them. I drew their attention to this thread. They fail to provide evidence of the money actually having been wired. Will chase them all the way.

Update 22-Nov:
Today, I received the postal address of P4X and I sent a letter to their General Management, see attachment.

Update 24-Nov
Yesterday, the P4X accounting department (they should know) wrote me an e-mail stating he name and address of their bank: Barclay's of Dubai. I immediately wrote an e-mail to Barclay's, trying to find out if they could say anything about my transfer. This is what they wrote back:

Thank you for your email. Please note the client in question is no longer an account holder with Barclays Bank PLC, UAE. Hence we would be unable to confirm any details, as requested below

So much for the honesty and reliability of P4X. I think nothing stands in our way to officially declare them LIARS and SCAMS. I will provide copies of the relevant e-mails as proof when challenged.

Update 24-Nov
As instructed by the lieutenant I shall limit myself to facts here and display my anger in my "own" topic.
Later today I received an e-mail from Omari, a P4X employee, who promised to go after my money and assured me that it would be in my bank account before 1-Dec. I will hold my horses until then and keep my fingers crossed.

Update 30-Nov
Today, the money arrived in my bank account! That is, 90% of the withdrawal. It appears that Hellenic Bank of Cyprus has withheld the missing 10% as cost, in violation of the European Banking Rules. I have asked my bank for an explanation. Mr. Omari of P4X will go after Hellenic Bank to have them correct this. To be continued!

Update 2-Dec
Today, I ordered another withdrawal and notified mr. Omari, asking him to pay attention to this. Got a reply within 10 min!

Update 7-Dec
Today, I received my withdrawal, 100% of it. Credits to mr. Omari who made this happen. For European customers: ask P4X for a withdrawal in EUROs. In accordance with the European rules, transmission is free of costs then. P4X uses a bank in Cyprus, which makes it possible to effectuate the payment within the SEPA, the Single European Payments Area. For customers outside Europe: despite the current problems with the Euro, it does have advantages. Why don't you join?


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My account number 73460.

I agree with BenMcDui. The total organization of Prime4x is a mess.
I did the following bank withdrawal:

date 2010.08.17 time 11:29 balance Bank withdrawal -1200.00

Up until today I did not received this money on my bank account.

I have emailed to all the email adresses I could find of Prime4x incl. mr. Joe Adams, no one answered.
Below you will find how many times I asked Prime 4x for my money.

and today I will send them the message that I wrote it in your thread.

I do hope that I will get my money.


Nice to see this thread.

This is my withdrawal case:

Trading Account : 49902
Requested date : 21 October 2010 04:39 GMT (19:39 Prime4x server time)
Amount : 1000 USD (method by bank wire)
Date Correspondences Email sent:
1 November 2010​
4 November 2010​
7 November 2010​
10 November 2010​
16 November 2010​
Date Web Chat:
26 October 2010​
28 October 2010​
4 November 2010​
5 November 2010​
8 November 2010​
10 November 2010​
11 November 2010​
18 November 2010​

On every reply email and web chat, they always give me promise that my withdrawal will be process as soon as possible and in a shortly time.
I have all email and chat transcript saved on my email.
Hope this case is solved, and thanks to AsstModerator and FPA.
I will send Prime4x about that this case already listed on FPA.

Update 13 December 2010
Finally my 1000usd withdrawal is received on my bank account!!
Thanks to Mr Bill from FPA and Mr.Robert from Prime4x.
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Robert Cris

Prime4x Representative - The FPA has confirmed a s
Thanks for all clients that ppost thier accounts number we will look at thoses case right now

Please Mr or User BenMcDui identfy yourslef or your account number
in order to help you more and i request from trader that they face any withdrawal problem to post only on this topic to make it eaiser for all of us


Dear Mr Robert Chris,

from the words you are using I conclude that you work for P4X. I very much welcome your involvement.

My account number is 74775. The withdawal I ordered amounts USD 500.

Lots of success in your appreciated work on behalf of frustrated customers.


Despite the work of mr Rober Chris who will hopefully have results soon, I have decided not to sit on my hands. The accounting department finally responded to some of my questions and gave me the address of their bank. It is Barclay's in Dubai. Attached is the text of the e-mail I sent to the bank just a minute ago.


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Zubair Ahmad

Prime4x delays withdrawals


I requested Prime4x for a withdrawal of $1800 from my account 76042 on 2nd of November. Then contacted the accounts department on chat. They told me it will be done as soon as possible. Today is 23rd November and still I did not received my withdrawals. I sent severals mails to accounts department. But same reply" As soon as possible" or You will receive your money without any further delay. I chat with accounts department (Laura, Sandra, Tanya) all give me only one reply "You will receive your money as soon as possible".

Please Please help me to receive my money.


3 December, 2010
I am working with Prime4x for the last one year I never found any thing to complain about other than this withdrawal (which is now one month old). I have got three withdrawals before this within 24 hours. Today I received a mail from Mr. Omari and he promised that my withdrawal will be processed on 5 December.

If I receive my withdrawal of $1800 till 5 December I will update my post.


Finally I got my withdrawal of $1800 on 6 December. I am thankful to FPA for giving me plateform to raise my voice and Mr. Omari for settling my withdrawal after his personal interventions.

Zubair Ahmad
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