Prime4x - Pay my money back!!!!

Hi again,

I wait since September 2010 and I still not got my money from Prime4x - 5.255 USD, accnt. nr. 70818. They do not care about my lawsuit. They do not answer to e-Mails from my lawyer or from myself.

In the meantime I also wrote an e-Mail to Andri Kimpensky ('') - but he did not answer to my mail. Also e-Mails to Omari were useless.

Prime4x - PAY MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!

Regards to all honest people!
Christian D.


prime4x. please pay my money

my prime4x account number is: 73778. I made a withdrawal request on september/30/2010 in the amount of. $5000 via bank wire and until now i have not received my money. I have sent too many emails to every department at prime4x but the answer is always we will send your money shortly. this has been going on for months now. I was even promised by mr omari him self that he will personally see to it that i will receive my money but it was all lies. For the past month and a half now. They dont even bother to return any of my emails no more. I guess they finally ran out of lies to tell me. mr robert chris, if you are still with prime4x. please help me. send my money. please


Withdrawal from 73930 lost

Hello All,

being a Prime4x customer, I submitted a withdrawal order on 19 January 2011. Despite numerous emails from my side it took until 15 February before the requested sum ($926) was actually deducted from my trading account 73930.

Today, 29 March 2011, the money has still not arrived in my bank account. Since my withdrawal order on 19 January I have sent more than 20 e-mails to their accounting department and Mr. Omari, to no avail.

All I get as a response to my request for information is “you will receive your money soon”. I requested a TT copy but no response yet.

Live chats with the accounting department yield no more than “you will get your money very soon”, or “we will process your order as soon as possible”.

Presently they don’t even bother to return any of my emails no more.

Mr. Abdel Rahman El Omari, Andri Kimpensky, Amr Hendawi or Robert Chris PAY MY MONEY BACK!!
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One year past!


I sent letters to Mr Omari and after 2 months finally he asked my banking details which i sent him ! Then again no response from him and in December 02 I received letter from Mr. Robert in which he assured me to solve the problem in 48 hour.

I sent several withdrawal requests to my banking account and LR account and none of them yet approved !

Today I received a message from Robert asking for my banking account details to send the money!

I sent him again requested details and I hope to get the positive response soon!

My account is in Baku , Azerbaijan and I don't think there will be any problem with transferring money to this bank !

My account number is ; 74698
withdrawal amount: 4905 $

Almost one year past since I received my last withdrawal for 75 $ and I can't access my deposit . I have sent several withdrawal request by LR and banking transfer but so far nothing and still waiting to get my money back .

Please forexpeacearmy , help me to get my money back!


Prime & heartache

Which is even more heart-breaking: To lose one's money on trade or not being able to withdraw profits made after days of sleepless nights?


Prime4x trying to get regulated?

My broker informed me last week that our fund are in a segregated account so our money is safe from bankruptcy. Also, trading should return to normal in June due to their new regulatory procedures. ???


My broker informed me last week that our fund are in a segregated account so our money is safe from bankruptcy. Also, trading should return to normal in June due to their new regulatory procedures. ???

motrader, don't let your (intermediate?) broker tell you nonsense. Let him get you your money if he knows so damn sure. Prime4X is a black hole, no matter what your broker tells you. A broker who does not pay back his customers is a FRAUD.


withdrawal issue

I would like to put forward case relating money production in my account in prime4x. I was has made said application in 02 / 07 / 2010 but until today not yet receive information from prime4x. I now facing financial problem to pay hospital bills that had been I undergo in year 2010. I hope my case get attention from master party. I hope money production from my account can resolved quickly that I are working out my hospital bills. if I do not explain that hospital bills, my name will be blacklisted by hospitals. due to the I will not get undergoing treatment me further.


mr andri also cheater . prime4x plan cheating package since we trade with them .
almost one year they not pay my money completely . they gave so many reason . but honestly i said they are cheater .

andri said to me their office now at rusia . but i trust , they operate from egypt .

who have omari house address ?

fx hunter

How get our funds back?!

Am client for the company for more than 3 years and I checked all over the site here and I found that the company now is totally closed and the website is down and the emails is not working which mean they are totally shut down so it is not helpful
If we are trying to make them out of the market because they are already now out I was working on the legal way since a 6 month now and what I reach from information is very good and enough to work on how we can get the money back

Here is the facts I have and sure from it

1- the company is not existing on maustius at all and they was working to start their but their is not activity at all their and for this reason FSC will not do anything for them because this company is not their and never activit their license even

So I guess all of you working on the wrong way and if you really need a help and get your funds back
Please contact me and I will guide you as I need more people with me to continue what I stared

Hope all of you join

My email is
Please contact me over mail or messanger