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Hi there ;)

This is Felix. I was just recently approached by a reporter who works for Reuters, and he is very interested in writing a story about all the SCAM that is going on among some of the forex brokers!

He is planning to publish this article in his publication that goes to around 100,000 hedge fund managers, but the story will also go to the Reuters wire, and reporters from most major financial magazines and newspapers will get it, and they may choose to publish it in some very large publications that we all know about :(

I have provided as much personal evidence as I had, but he needs more data from real people that were victims of real SCAMS.

The focus of this article specifically is the following:

1. Stories from people whose trades were nullified AFTER the fact, like if you placed a news trade or any other trade and made money, and several minutes or hours later, your broker told you that they are removing the trade and taking away your profits. If you experienced this, he needs you!

2. Stories from people who were refused to be given money at the time of withdrawal. So if you made money, and requested them, and your broker refused to give you the money, and perhaps told you that you were trading "against" their rules, and they nullified your account or removed part of your profits. If you experienced anything of this nature, he needs you!

This could be very big...and we need to work as a team. Here is what I need from you:

A. If what described above happened to you, please email me with your name, email, and phone number. Include in the email as much evidence as you have, like the account number, trade numbers, screen shots, if you have them, and whatever else you feel necessary. My email is

B. If what described above didn't happen to you, but you know somebody to whom this happened, then please send them to this thread.

Whatever emails I receive throughout today, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I will be forwarding to the Reuters guy, and if you have a good story, most likely he will call you, that's why he needs your phone number.

This guy wants to publish this on November 6th or 7th, so we need to act fast here. Send your stuff in, I'll forward it to him, and we'll see what happens :confused:



I've got plenty of emails....

I know this isn't an example of any of the above, but it's worth sharing.

I having been dealing with CMS constantly giving me margin calls and closing out my positions when my margin account was close, CLOSE to a margin call, but not actually enough to give me a margin call. This has happened with 2 different accounts I trade on 5 different occasions. Every single time I look to see that they closed out my positions, I have been able to prove what was in my margin and demand they credit my account. They have fixed them each time I've proven this, but for a brokerage to give margin calls and close positions on 5 different occasions within the last 4 months is pathetic and if it weren't for the fact that I have been trading for awhile and can prove to these guys that I'm right, they'd keep the money because most newbies wouldn't know how to prove or show or even explain to these guys that what they did was wrong. As a matter of fact, they did it AGAIN on Wednesday and gave me a margin call and AFTER once again proving that they had no reason to do so by showing them evidence in my statement, they wrote back and said it was an error. This time... they sent me an email yesterday (Thursday) saying it was resolved and as of Friday 4:30pmEST... it still has not been resolved. So I'm very interested in seeing if they will fix this and if not.... I'm raising holy hell.

For those asking, "Why in the world are you still trading with these guys?". Well, for one... my new clients are going to another brokerage, but my 2 current clients are still down and I want to try and make my money back before I close the accounts, but it is SUCH A HASSLE when about once a month I'm dealing with premature margin calls. I will admit that sometimes I allow my margin to get very close before I take action, but that still is no excuse for these guy to give me a margin call when I still have margin (no matter how small).

I have every email of them admitting to the "errors", but they keep doing it over and over.

I wish Reuters was interested in that story...


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apology 4 delay in response

hi felix, as a matter of fact u are one in a million. most fx analyst find it incredibly difficult to do what u are doing for free. i dont realy know how to commend u for the good work. i just want to say thank u and god bless.
as per ur concern on fx brokers, i dont realy understand why most of them are enemies of progress.
iam making use of marketiva as my broker so, i ll need an advice from u


Hello Felix,
My hat is off to you sir and your associates in the efforts to rectify the questionable brokerages. Although I have no experience with such problems as expressed (as I am only paper trading at this point in time) I am glad to be aware of the possible scams out there.
I appreciate all that the forum has offered to the greater public, to keep us in the know.
Many Thanks, Gus


UGM - United Global Markets (now defunct)

My issues with UGM started when I noticed that orders were "Mysteriously" disappearing from my terminal......I though that it could be human error on my behalf, so I sort of shook it off.

But then one day; on a Sunday when the market opened, I noticed a new account had a 3,000 loss and no open positions in the market. How?

I had placed a limit order the Friday before (right before the close of the market); which was there to take advantage of any huge gap that opened on Sunday evening.

In this case there was a nice gap, but the trading desk at the time decided to TRADE AGAINST ME - By opening up my trade at a HIGHER price than the one I set it to; AND THEN CLOSING my order at a lower price RETRACEMENT> even though I had a TP set, it didn't matter to this shmuck; he claimed he acted in "MY BEST INTEREST" by trying to enter and exit at the best price.

UGM did nothing; they gave me a whole dance routine about their own problems.....AND THEN THE NFA shut them down. So be it.

I will only deal with 1 of 3 FX brokers today; and only because the commute to their offices is less than an hour, in case I need to visit them IN PERSON ;)


this is exactly what has happened to me and 2 others i trade with

Took the acct up to $75k, I was lucky enough to withdraw $50k, then they nullified the remain $25k. Trading against the rules they said.

Another trader same exact story took his to $31k, they refuse to send him any money forget his initial investment. He has filled a complaint with the nfa and the state of Ill. attorney generals office but nothing as of yet. His attorney spoke to the firms president who told him there is no way your client is that good of a trader, he obviously is taking advantage of our platform.

Another trader took her acct. to $131k she withdrew $60k took it back up to $130k and then they frooze the acct. and she has never seen any of that money.

All of this at ONE WORLD! I will gather account statements and docs and get them over hopefully by Monday.



good work my felix.
well i have this to say not everybody will say good about the brokers they use even if the brokers are still good to some
but right from the time i started using marketiva and northfinance i have never had problems with them at least for now i have been able to withdraw over $2000 each from my account without stories they have been good.marketiva is still the best.
felix keep up the good work


marketiva is the best

I really surprised when read this news, fortunately I've never experienced any problem when trade with marketiva, they are trustworthy, always paying me fast. I just know from now that's not all forex brokers is good, some of them could be trading againt you, thanks for sharing by the way