Resolved? - altmarkets dubai boiler room scam (And threated to sue the FPA)


Alt Markets is a boiler room scam. ( Dubai forex)
They are smooth talking persuasive conmen who convinced me to part with 20k pounds investing in their scheme which claims to profit from fluctuations in the currency markets.
I decided to visit their 'office' while I was on a business trip in Dubai. They claim to trade from Level 41 of the Emirates Towers but they are not there. There is no record in the building of them ever being there.
They are not regulated in Dubai as they claimed to me, nothing but lies!
After I submitted a request to withdrawal my funds the account managers have disappeared. I have not received a reply in over two months. They are not regulated in Dubai.
They have now added a second Hong Kong address to their website where I guess they have decided to continue their scam.
They may claim a Dubai address, but the whois info on their website shows a different point of origin:

Registrant Name: Shashank Sharma
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: A-108 Lohia Nagar Ghaziabad
Registrant City: Ghaziabad
Registrant State/Province: Delhi
Registrant Postal Code: 201001
Registrant Country: IN
Registrant Phone: +91.8826878501

How did you deposit that money? Credit cards, bank wire, some other way?

When did you deposit?
Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Invite him via skype or any communication address you have for him.
I owe an apology to the traders at altmarkets. It turns out there was an issue with my bank account causing wires to be rejected. I was receiving funds to my business account in Hong Kong. I needed to update some documents and my account has been restored.
I have received my entire investment back from altmarkets plus the profit earned in an efficient manner.
I was also incorrect regarding their office in Dubai. Level 41 is a shared administrative company that handles their incoming calls, mails etc. The trading room is actually on a lower floor, a colleague of mine in Dubai has visited their offices and verified this.
I have been burned by other companies in the past, so I panicked a bit. Altmarkets are serious traders as it turns out.
My sincere apologies to altmarkets and I hope that I can continue with them.

ALT Markets
Emirates TowersSheikhZayed Road Dubai.
Phone: 97155 884524

May. 26. 2017

Attn: Marcus Green, Tim Healy & Attn:
URL: Registrar: ENOM, INC. IANA ID: 48 Abuse Contact Abuse Contact Phone: 1.4252982646

Re: Complaint - Libel

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please give my concerns in this complaint letter your immediate attention.

I have the following complaint/concerns: Under common law, to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and must have been made to someone other than the person defamed. Some common law jurisdictions also distinguish between spoken defamation, called slander, and defamation in other media such as printed words or images, called libel.

In order to adequately resolve my concerns, I require that you do the following: Content removed or legal action will be taken against individuals and host site
Domain Dispute Case Coordinator
No Legitimate Right or Interest: Complainant has not authorised Respondent to use the name

ALT Markets
Respondent’s use is not fair, legitimate, and or Libellous.
Respondent has no legitimate rights in a
website that “confuse unsuspecting Internet users

National Arbitration Forum (FORUM)
P.O. Box 50191
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Phone 800. 474. 2371
Fax 612. 235. 3355

I may be contacted or reached in writing at my above address, by phone conversation at my above phone number, or by email sent to my above email address.

If you fail to comply with my requests, I will immediately take legal action against you regarding these matters.

Thank you for taking the time to look into my concerns and for dealing with it in a prompt manner. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


ALT Markets
Complaints department
Hello ALT Markets representative,

Tim Healy already reported his issue as resolved. This thread was going to be moved to the resolved issues folder soon. Now I see you are threatening to sue not only Tim, but the hosting site.

I expect you to make a statement that any legal threats again are permanently and irrevocably lifted.
ALT Markets
Emirates Towers Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai.
Phone: 97155 884524

Date June 1, 2017


Thank you for your reply, We require all content to be removed from this website with regards to ALT Markets and if so no legal action will be taken against individuals and host site.

ALT Markets
Respondent’s use is not fair, legitimate, and or Libel.
Respondent has no legitimate rights in a website that “confuse unsuspecting Internet users

Thank you for your understanding. We eagerly await your reply and or action.

Kind regards

ALT Markets
Complaints Department
You have just threatened the FPA with legal action if user generated content is not removed. The FPA considers that to be blackmail.

Please read the following articles from the FAQ.

This one explains how the FPA deals with resolved issues and removal requests...

Removals are only done under the most exceptional circumstances. I see nothing exceptional in a trading originally perceiving something as a scam and later publicly apologizing. What I do consider exceptional is a company threatening a lawsuit over a thread containing such an apology.

Legal blackmail is why this item is in the FAQ...

You've already made your threat publicly, so there's no need to fill out the form. Instead, you should read this and think it over carefully...

I expect a new post from you permanently and irrevocably lifting your legal threat against the FPA with no other conditions. I expect this by 9 am New York Time on Tuesday, June 6th.
ALT Markets
Emirates Towers Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai.
Phone: 97155 884524

June 2, 2017

Your reply is noted.

As an operator in the online marketplace, you are well aware that damaging statements, even if later retracted (as was the case in this situation) can, nonetheless, have negative repercussions. It appears that you, yourself, have quite a bit of negative online press, so we trust that you fully understand our concerns.

We have already received several inquiries from concerned clients regarding this post, evidencing that, even if later retracted, negative online posts (particularly those which are completely unfounded, such as the one made by TimHealy), can still affect a company's reputation. We are wasting time having to unnecessarily defend ourselves to our clients because of a misguided person who decided to prematurely use the internet to voice a ludicrous, illegitimate grievance, which he should have taken up with his bank, and not our company. In addition, we are likely losing additional potential clients who are reading this nonsense and are deterred. For these reasons, we are simply asking you to remove the defamatory posts.

As you, yourself, stated in your post of May 31, 8:19PM, your intention was to move the entire thread to the resolved folder, in any event, as this issue has been resolved. Presuming that, once in the "resolved folder," the thread will no longer be available to the public, that is what we are requesting be done as soon as possible to mitigate the possibility of this defamatory thread causing further unnecessary damage to our company's solid reputation.

In turn, you requested that we retract any threat of legal action, to which we have already agreed in our post of yesterday, June 1, 5:23 AM, and which we reaffirm now - we will not pursue any legal action against any person or entity in this matter if the entire thread (particularly TimHealy's initial post, which he later retracted) are no longer made available to the public. We expect this to be done by 5 PM today, June 2, 2017, New York time.

We trust the foregoing resolves the concerns of all parties in this matter.

Please be guided accordingly.

Kind regards
It appears you didn't read the last 2 links I sent you very closely.

The Resolved Issues folder is and always was visible to the public. The only differences are that it contains only resolved or abandoned threads and each thread is locked. You may view the folder here...

I expect a new post from you permanently and irrevocably lifting your legal threat against the FPA with no other conditions. I expect this by 9 am New York Time on Tuesday, June 6th. Otherwise, you leave me with no choice but to take action.

Your open legal threat disqualifies this thread from moving to the Resolved Issues folder, but does qualify it for a different folder...