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Sudha Dash

Private, 1st Class
Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:


13th Oct - John William stolen 11000 GBP and the company says John William does not work there its been mentioned by John Louis and Patrick Green new account managers assigned to me on 13th Oct and 16th oct respectively

16th Oct - Patrick Green stolen 2000 GBP from my bank account and now says it was a mistake but the mistake was never corrected apart of my follow ups since 16th Oct.

22nd Oct - And forced me to deposit 3k on the name of insured trade to recover me. And I gave another chance. Because 13k was a lot of amount trapped by optionsxo so far, I asked him to send me an email to insure this money. Patrick Green sent email confirmation on insured trade. But I have changed my mind and requested for a withdrawal and when spoke to support team they are forcing me to sign the deposit declaration 2000 GBP which was stolen by Patrick without my permission.

26th Oct - Patrick Green called on skype and asked to cancel that request and to wait for the insured trade to withdraw the money. He advised on skype to take insured trade that has made 15k. I thought to initiate a withdrawal of 5k but the amount was not available to me its controlled by optionsxo to trap their clients.

27th Oct - I asked Patrick to initiate a withdrawal request of 5k but he never did

28th Oct - Patrick on skype again come with trade plan and put some short term and forced me to put a commodity trade for long term even though I told that I am not willing to wait until to December for recovery. He said to trust him and said that I do not have to wait for that long. And that after today's trade I would be able to withdraw the money.

I kept on chasing him after the trade this morning to initiate a withdrawal request of 8.5k (with what he recovered) as I am not able to do so and put to an end. Because I want to close this stressful chapter as it's causing more damage to mental health - suffering from insomnia, had major weight loss on top of the financial loss and I am not bankrupted and have no money for living to pay for rent, bills, food. But he or the company been very harsh and not sensible towards my financial situation.


Even I am more scared to found on companies house that 'STDF SERVICES' has submitted a request for strike off which was suspended on 6th Aug. And all the deposit appears against STDF services not optionsxo.

To me these company is after rubbing all the trader's money and disappear overnight. There are so many resignations of the company directors over few months within very short term and company's history is a mystery itself. So please spread this everywhere so maximum traders with optionsxo / STDF services will benefit before it's too late.

So I would request you to please investigate this and help me to recover my money from the company's trap. I would really really appreciate your help.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by ihateoptionsxo on 10/26/15

The company was first contacted about the issue on 10/14/15 the last contact was on 10/28/15

Details: 1. Support Team - Never replied. Every time I called they said 'Your account manager will call you and explain everything that needs to be done'

2. Patrick Green - The mail from his on the last deposit of 3000 GBP on 22nd Oct that 8.5k GBP s insured. No response on the request to initiate withdrawal

3. Finance Team - No response yet when I declined & emailed that 2000 GBP on 16th Oct was not made by me. When I call the support team they says I have to sign this as well for any withdrawal request. This is a trap to get my signature on the deposit that I DID NOT DO. I clearly told the account manager I do not want to deposit a penny.

Company representatives' emails: Patrick Green <> <>
John William <>
Finance <>




Yo AsstMod! If the company is getting itself struck off, this may need an accelerated invitation.

Sudha Dash

Private, 1st Class
I asked this to a support guy over chat session and they did not answer this question at all. They did mention that STDF services = optionsxo. Please see the chat history:

> | 28.10.2015 14:51:51 | Sudha Dash: WHAT LIARS!!!!
> | 28.10.2015 14:51:57 | Kim White: that is why the only one how can help you is an account manager and there is nothing in my power to do
> | 28.10.2015 14:52:54 | Sudha Dash: I WOULD TALK TO THEM DIRECTLY
> | 28.10.2015 14:52:54 | Kim White: hi
> | 28.10.2015 14:52:56 | Kim White: Sudha
> | 28.10.2015 14:52:59 | Sudha Dash: NO ACCOUNT MANAGER HELPING HERE
> | 28.10.2015 14:53:09 | Kim White: my name is Selin, im the manager of finance department
> | 28.10.2015 14:53:35 | Kim White: yes were are linked with STDF services, we are working with several clearing companies, and its one of them
> | 28.10.2015 14:53:53 | Kim White: so yes, all your transactions seem as STDF services are us

Sudha Dash

Private, 1st Class
I have so many complaint against these ROBBERS.

Every day they plan a new trap and they play a new game on the name of recovery. So far I have not received a penny. Please watch these videos I have recorded while having skype call with the broker as I suspected OPTIONSXO is full of TRAPS. Please do watch and warn people by sharing these.

  • Optionsxo 22102015_072500 PG confirms that I can withdraw all money on 1st Nov & also see his email attached
As you can see he says to trust him and says that I can withdraw all the money I have deposited (16k as on 22nd Oct) which is a 180 degree contrary to what the finance mention during the chat. So either he lied & trapped me with these writings which is a fraud act on it's own.
  • Optionsxo 20151022_075200 PATRICK GREEN LIES about the doc he is making me sign
a. He NEVER explained what document he has sent
b. When I asked what is this for. His answer is "this is future if I want to give you any bonus in future it gives me the ability".

Note - Either he lied or he was very truthful. If this is case 1 that means OPTIONSXO IS FRAUD AND TRAPS THEIR CLIENTS by GIVING WRONG INFORMATION WHICH IS A POLICE CASE.
  • Optionsxo 20151028_074700 call PG traps until Dec Trade -
  • 30th Oct - Patrick Green called me and said he need my permission to work on my account for a week and that end of the week i.e on 6th Nov I should be able to withdraw everything. And he changed my password and then what I saw was another mess in my account. He took some trades with the company's money and the expiry dates are in 30th December. If you have a real intention to recover then why would you play such games. This is another trap & what a game. This is a clear evidence that the company is actually not willing to recover me but playing tricks and traps and all the dirty politics to to trap my money. I have the call recordings as well but I am unable to attach here due to file size issue.


Sudha Dash

Private, 1st Class
Incident 1

John William when assigned as my broker explained to me that there is a way that work on mini accounts. The broker assigned with so many accounts take little from each account and trade on the brokers account and then distribute proportionally amongst the mini account following the trade. Hence the amount shown on the screen shot attached. .... are actually profit he made is what he explained to me to grip more money from me. This is company's strategy to steal money.

On the contrary to his statement I noticed that what mentioned as profit is actually showing as bonus on their system. When I spoke to him on this he told me "it's your money and the system will credit to my cash within few days". But it never happened and I mailed and Skype him many times but he kept LYING that the system had a problem.

Evidence attached:
1. OPTIONSXO manipulated system evidence
2. Mail evidence chasing for profit


Sudha Dash

Private, 1st Class
Incident 2 - John William and his boss Lawrence (not sure of his name) made a FAKE strategy to grip my money & misused my card details they store on their system.

12th Aug - John William shared a fake platinum strategy and explained over Skype call that how you risk your money 30% and return is 80%. He made me speak to his boss Lawrence and he misused my card details to grip some money which I was not prepared of. I have sent several emails about the unrecognised transactions to finance team but deep silence there as always.

13th Aug - And the very next day he misused my card details again and tried several deposit transaction. And I complained this to the support team but they NEVER replied until now. And the support team threatened me and said to withdraw my money I need to sign the deposit and hence why unwillingly I signed even though my card details were misused to grip my money.

By that time they gripped 8k gbp. John William told me that I would see the profit after a month and that they would work on the strategy. After a month when I noticed that there was inward or outward transaction to/from my account and my money was there as is. I chased him few times asking for update on the strategy he shared but he kept ignoring.

6th Oct - Finally he called on skype and said "they void not risk the money as something went wrong in the market".

7th Oct - I sent him email to initiate withdrawal of 8.5 GBP. Then I contacted him on skype to talk and said its urgent and that have then decided to withdraw for my house deposit.

Evidence attached
1. Company's FAKE strategy
2. Complained email to support
3. Skype call history
4. Skype chat with John William asking about strategy
5. Mail and Skype history of 7th Oct


Sudha Dash

Private, 1st Class
3. How things changed when I asked for withdrawal

7th oct - John William called me and told he wants to help me to build my house deposit and that he would need 3.5k more to take risk free trades and after I can withdraw whatever amount I want. I agreed with the condition that next day he would initiate withdrawal request of 10k and then after 5k.

8th Oct - he sent me an email confirming he sent me 10k back. When I noticed that nothing has been initiated and chased him he kept ignoring me and never called me.

13th Oct - John Louis called and said he is my new account manager and informed me that John William has lost my money while trading aggressively. That's it. And was asking me for more money to recover huh.

1. 7th Oct Deposit (Please see evidence attached on Incident 2 on email sent to John and skype call history)
2. 8th Oct - Mail from John W confirming withdrawal transaction initiation (or LYING whichever is appropriate)
3. 13th Oct - John W email on risk free trade and recovery


Sudha Dash

Private, 1st Class
4. Evidence of company's game & how every single representative I talked LIED

A) 13th Oct - John Louis called me and I told that I want to speak to John William not you. He said "we do not want such broker and he do not work here"

On the contrary when I emailed John William asking about the while thing he replied me. Please see mail attached.

B) 16th Oct - Patrick Green called and he is my new account manager and when I asked him about John, he said John william does not work any more. Please see evidence attached on skype John W was online and also sent a text

C) 21st Oct - John William was there evidence is his mail he sent by mistake to my complaint email. And when I called support team they said he does not work there.

1 & 2 - Attached in Incident 3 (skype history with john of 13th, 14th, 15th & 16th Oct)
3. Accidental Email from John