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Probably hoping that you didn't write it down so that you and other clients can't visit them.
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It would be nice if someone from Cititrader could come in and explain all these issues. Somehow, I doubt that will happen.

I decided to check and see if Whois would show their address info. Looks like they registered the domain in November 2011 and have been using Domains By Proxy the whole time.

Edit: I decided to dig a little deeper.

Cititrader's about us page says that they are part of Brevspand Ltd.

A quick google search on Brevspand returned some info for you. - Jason Scharf, CEO of Brevspand and - Brevspand's address and phone number in Los Angeles:
232 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91221
(818) 970-6265

Current whois on is anonimized by HostGator. Older whois info on shows that the domain was owned by:

Jason Sharf
Brevspand EOOD
Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, gush dan 63443

The website lists this for contact info:

621 Bedford Ave.
New York, NY 81260, USA
T: 1-800-200-7878

What's more interesting is that the website isn't complete, but it's got 3 separate testimonials about how great TimesFx is, all by "Will Vendermen". :p
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Any chance we can get some details on just how it as resolved? Making all the issues disappear without showing how the problem was fixed doesn't help your fellow traders know how to get their own problems resolved.
Don't hold your breath for this one Pharaoh,
These Bulgarian bastards have FM1's B***s in their mouth.
Just hope they are reveling in their reputation here.
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